• 27Jun

    Established in 1924, the Rose Packing group has been a leader in the Meat and Pork industry. On April 9th, 2019 the family own and operated business, merger with OSI Industries. With this merger, the two companies became the leader in the meat industry. OSI Industries being the bigger company, has set it sights on growth. Their vision is to grow the company even larger. With the addition of the Rose Packing, OSI Industries will increase the company ability to improve on it’s quality standards. The Rose Operation, before merging, was a fifth-generation family owned and operated company. Their company employed over 700 employees. All the employees will remain with the company, which is great for their families. The Rose company headquarters is located in Barrington Ill. A small community, where they take their food and meat serious. The leadership team will remain intact at the company. No changes there. Both Chief Executive Officer Dwight Stiehl and his entire management team will remain on board. Both companies have been servicing the communities for over 200 years. That is one of the main reasons why OSI Industries decided to merge with the company. They have a long track record of success and customer satisfaction. This Can only improve the standards that the company already has in place.

    As we speak, highly train salespeople are taking to the community on a mission to build and improve the business relationship with the surrounding communities. That is where it starts. With the people. If you want to run a success business, then you must provide your customer with a product of high quality. The Rose Packing company was the master of that. Their merger with the OSI group will help to take the company to new heights across the board. Because of this, the company will be able to grow their product line, which in turn will grow their business model that the company leaders have planned for. Having the Rose packing company under the OSI umbrella, will provide the company with a major boost to it’s overall stock shares. Everyone should be happy wit the merger of the two companies.

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