• 20Jul

    OSI Group Expands Its Horizons through Technology

    It is factual that expanding your business to serve the international clientele is pretty rewarding. Thanks to the onset of technological advancements, it enables you to expand your small business and create a significant global impact. With that said OSI Group is one such company that has come a long way to expand its horizons. Today, it has major clients across different states and cities. This is all because of the technological advancements in the past.


    The beginning of OSI Group dated to the 20th century when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago as a German immigrant. He arrived in Chicago and set the trend in the business world. Because the thriving city was a hub of many businesses, Mr. Kolschowsky thought that a company in the same town would work to his advantage. It turns out that he was right because when he launched a small butcher in Chicago, it picked up. Otto & Sons were the names of the company in the beginning.

    The Growth

    During The First World War, Otto’s business flourished thereby attracting more clients from different cities. At the same time, he expanded the business to a wholesale that included moving the firm’s operations to Maywood. The next decade saw to it that the business was well aligned with the current needs of the clients. The rebranding was one of the needs that followed the family business. As such, Otto needed a supportive finance executive that would help. But before that, the onset of technology played a pivotal role in growing the company.

    Development and Technology Use

    For decades, Otto and his sons continued to grow the business by launching a new branch in a different city. With the help of the likes of McDonald’s who contracted the company to be the major supplier of food, Otto and Sons were now able to acquire a new name. OSI Group it was. Perhaps the group aspect of the name came from the fact that the business had a couple of branches in different cities.

    The Observation

    Today, OSI Group is the proud supplier of high-quality food to different clients locally and internationally. Thanks to the rise in technological use, the company has launched branches in China and other parts of the world.



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