• 03Aug

    In an article on Inspirey.com summarizing an interview with Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group, the author states that he is not only a “reputable professional”, but also a man who “knows how to build and lead business empires”. The OSI group is one of the leading companies in the meat-packaging and food processing industry. It was founded in 1909 and operates more than 65 facilities in over 17 countries.

    The author of the article opens up by juxtaposing his high praise of Sheldon Lavin with a picture painted of the growing number of failing young entrepreneurs in the modern business world. The author is drawing us to the fact that young entrepreneurs that are entering into the field need to borrow a leaf from veteran business people such as Sheldon Lavin.

    The author continues to praise Mr. Lavin for his business practices that have seen him grow business to unimaginable heights. Some of the variables he looks at that are highlighted in the article are consumer preferences, resource shortage, and technological changes. While all these facets would be difficult for just one man in a massive company to keep track of, we are made aware that Sheldon Lavin does, in fact, rely on and leverage the advice given to him by those that are delegated under his leadership to get him the necessary situational changes in each area to allow him to be on top of things.

    Sheldon Lavin is quoted in the interview saying that his first big break was with a company named Otto and Sons. After working with them for only a year, Otto and Sons had grown their reach far across the United States. This was the indication that he needed to let him know he had a “talent for building enterprises

    The interviewer asks, “What is the secret to innovation?” to which Mr. Lavin replies that it is most important to maintain humility. Humility is the only thing that will allow good leaders to learn from employees and colleagues. He goes on to state that is is important to “trust your human capital”.

    The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group



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