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    Ara Chackerian is both a business professional and philanthropist who focuses much of his work on different efforts in his community. For decades, he spent his career helping to bridge the gap between the worlds of healthcare and technology and he is currently on several different boards throughout the Bay Area of California. Along with being interested in healthcare, Ara Chackerian is not only interested in healthcare, but he is also interested in helping with causes involving youth development and environmental issues. One of these efforts includes Limonapa Teak, a sustainable farm that grows teak in Nicaragua.

    Ara Chackerian ensures that Limonapa Teak uses agricultural practices that are friendly to the environment that also enhance it rather than causing damage. In addition, the company in which he is a General Partner of provides hundreds of jobs for the people in the local communities around the farm. These jobs are considered to be good quality for the area with fair pay for their workers. In addition to the work that Ara Chackerian does with Liminapa Teak, he is also the Director of TMS Health Solutions and is also on the Board of Directors of Nor Luyce and PipelineRX.

    TMS Health Solutions consists of several outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in and around the Bay Area. Ara Chackerian founded the company with a partner hoping to create a business that is focused on the care of the patients first. Though the partnership may have only been formed around two years ago, they have already built seven different centers as part of the network of their company. When designing their centers, they try to create a place that is relaxing and serene instead of something that feels like a regular doctor’s office. He believes that this is important for all patients, but especially for those with mental disorders.

  • 30Jul

    Raffaele Riva owns one of the largest companies in the world. In the year 2008, AUREA Multi-Family Office started its operations in the market. With expertise leadership given by Raffaele Riva, the organization has grown and opened new offices in many parts of the country. Many regulated firms have emerged from the company too. BGB UREAL Ltd is among these companies. Being the leader and owner of so many companies is not easy. Throughout his successful career, the investor has gained enough expertise to help him in all the decision-making processes. Up to date, Riva has maintained the role of chairperson in all of the companies. The businesses specialize in wealth planning, real estate, international issues, and asset and wealth management. These niches are highly competitive in the global arena.

    Before Raffaele Riva got the idea of starting the UREA Multi-Family Office and the numerous affiliate firms, he was in charge of several advisory companies. The investor had already done this for more than a decade, and he was an expert in corporate finance, estate planning, mergers, and acquisitions. His clients were from all over the globe. His ability to complete cross border deals easily made him very popular in the finance department. Raffaele Riva educational background is a key player in his active career in the finance section. His degree in economics, corporate financing, and tax law have given him the best positions in the tight market. In all his studies, Raffaele Riva proved to everyone that he was a unique bright student. Getting first-class honors in most of his studies was also a way of showing that the executive loved the course he was studying in college. When it was time to show his skills in the corporate section, Riva did not disappoint his employers. His work stood out from all the other workers.

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    Stratford Shields has been a professional in the municipal finance industry since the 1990s. One of his high profile roles was at the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association Municipal Division where he served in the leadership roles of vice-chairman, chairman, and treasurer. During his time in this position, one of the problems he confronted was people in the finance industry making donations to bond ballot elections. This gave the appearance of pay-to-play and he led efforts to voluntarily ban this practice.

    Some of his career was spent on Wall Street. One of the financial firms he worked for in NYC was Morgan Stanley where he led their public finance department for five years. Stratford Shields now lives in Chicago and works at Loop Capital Markets. At this company, he leads its public finance investment banking division as the managing director. His responsibilities include working with major clients in the Midwest and New England region.

    He started his career working for the government. He served in several positions in Ohio, the last of these at the State Controlling Board where he served as the president. Stratford Shields studied history and political science at Ohio State University. He also attended Columbia University, earning an MBA.

    Stratford Shields sees universities and public health care systems privatizing more of their operations as the wave of the future. He thinks these organizations are increasingly looking to alternative methods when it comes to financing and delivering their services. He was instrumental himself in helping Ohio State University privatize their vast parking lot system.

    He believes in continuous innovation. He says that early on in his career he was working with someone who had been in his job for 25 years. The problem was he never adapted or changed. Stratford Shields says this person had one year of experience 25 times because he never wanted to grow. Find out more about Stratford: https://ideamensch.com/stratford-shields/

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    Bennett Graebner may not have an instantly identifiable name, but his accomplishments will certainly resonate with anyone that regularly watching TV. Bennett Graebner is the executive producer of two of the top-rated reality TV shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He also was a producer on Bachelor Pad and First Kiss (Metacritic).

    Both shows revolved around singles looking for the love of their lives. Throughout the series, each contestant will present the people they are most interested in with a rose. Those that do not receive a rose are sent home. Fortunately for Bennett Graebner, both the Bachelor and Bachelorette are award winning TV shows that are top ratings performers and most popular with the 18 to 34-year-old demographic. He has worked on many other original projects with contacts e met in film school.

    Graebner knew since he was very young that he wanted to pursue a career in the arts where he could explore his creativity. He was admitted to Vassar College and  there is where Bennett graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Following his graduation from Vassar, he decided to attend the University of Southern California film school where he received his master’s degree in cinematic arts.

    Graebner had many key skills, which made him a valuable asset, even early in his career. He had a keen understanding of story and narrative flow. He also learned his craft from the ground up by taking roles as production assistant, as a best boy grip and cinematographer. By having this deep industry experience, he feels that he is better able to look at each story from a variety of different angles. He draws on this experience in his role as executive producer on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

    Today, Graebner and his wife and children reside in Los Angeles, close to entertainment projects. He is active is USC’s alumni network and projects that benefit his local community.

    More on Grabner´s productions at http://chronicleweek.com/2019/05/bennet-graebner/

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    Andrey Andreev, born in Moscow, Soviet Union (now Russia) on February 3rd, 1974. At a very young age, Andreev demonstrated he had the entrepreneurial spirit. Starting his first business, Virus, in Russia at the age of 21 selling computers online via the Internet. From there he went on to found and launch online businesses such as SpyLog, Begun, Mamba, and Badoo. Generating more than $150 million per year and operating in than 190 countries around the world I would say Andrey Andreev is the poster boy for success.

    At the age of 10, Andreev built his first working radio which he used to chat with a friend that lived about a block away. Even then he proved himself intelligent and driven. According to Forbes as of April 2019, Andrey Andreev net worth has skyrocketed to an incredible $2.4 billion. Today countless people follow and imitate Andreev’s style for success. Badoo is the dating influencer latest claim to fame. 

    Currently and continuously developing new projects across web and mobile platforms to enhance your online experience. The positive energy he radiates inspires everyone on his team to go on and successfully make Badoo one of the most successful social network for meeting new people. With more than 135 million registered users Badoo is the largest social dating network in the world. Along with Andreev’s passion to succeed in business, he also has a passion for the culinary arts (Dld-conference). 

    A hobby he takes just as seriously as his businesses. Experimenting and introducing is own personal recipe to the menu in some of his favorite restaurants. With an onion soup recipe and a variety of seafood dishes on the menu, it’s quite clear business isn’t the only thing Andreev is able to excel in. At The Times articles he´s enlisted within the most successful businessmen in the world. Andreev currently resides in London, England where he continues to follow his passions in business, food, and the enjoyment of success. And now to close this out I leave you with these words that sound a lot like an after-school special, drive, consistency, and determination can only lead to success.

    More intersting news about Andreev´s successful career at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andrey-andreev

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    Laerte Codonho, founder of the Brazilian soda company Dolly, says the soda industry is so competitive that many companies can begin using unfair techniques to get the edge on the competition. Codonho claims this is the case with its biggest competitor, Coca Cola. Founded in 1987 when Codonho was only 26, Dolly was Brazil’s first soda company. At that time, Laerte Codonho specialized in the country’s first diet soda. Throughout the ‘90s it increased in popularity throughout Brazil. Today its most popular product is Dolly Guarana, whose base ingredient is the guarana fruit. 

    In its native form, the guarana fruit is bitter, but for use in drinks, this bitterness is removed to reveal an underlying extremely sweet and wonderful flavor. Other Brazilian soda companies have since arisen, but Dolly still holds a 10% market share of the country’s soft drink market. Much of this is thanks to Codonho’s marketing genius. The main spokesperson in its ads for most of its existence has naturally been a character named Dolly. In recent years it has introduced Dollynho, the little brother of Dolly, who has become hugely popular throughout the world. He has since become the company’s mascot.

    Both of these characters are the brainchild of Codonho. As a result of its hugely successful marketing through the years, the giant soda company, Coca-Cola has recognized Dolly as a serious threat. As a result, Codonho says Coca-Cola has used its immense international influence to get governmental, legal, and consumer obstacles are thrown in their way. It is not unusual that Coca-Cola should have access to more influential platforms than Dolly (Everybodywiki). 

    This is usually a big difference between international and domestic companies. However, it is recognized as unfair and unacceptable for international companies to use this leverage against domestic companies. Laerte Codonho together with Dolly is fighting back by educating the public both about the quality of its brand and about the corrupt practices of its international competitors. It gets the word out however it can. Dolly is even posting billboard signs that list the ingredients of these competitors. They’re also near future plans to instigate a lawsuit against Coca-Cola.

    More on Laerte´s soft drinks company https://www.meioemensagem.com.br/home/comunicacao/2019/03/20/dolly-recria-campanha-de-pascoa-com-criancas-originais.html

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    Matt Fleeger knows that building businesses is difficult and running it to higher levels is even harder. Matt Fleeger knows that building great businesses can be fun but it can also take a toll. Matt Fleeger knows that we are all humans at the end of the day and we have to keep taking actions to move forward and get to where we want to be. After we realize that it is about the customer and not about us we can make a lot of good things happen. Matt Fleeger has seen that this is present within his business of oil and gas and in the NBA as well.

    Some Are Not Happy About NBA’s Approach Towards Mental Health

    Shortly after Silver’s comments went public, media outlets started to dissect the unprecedented approach towards mental health – and the overall acceptance of the idea that NBA players could actually be unhappy.

    Barkley was one of the first analysts who appeared to comment on the situation. To the shock of many, the famed player did not praise Silver’s remarks, nor did he have any sympathy for those who have come forward to outline their mental health struggles in the past.

    Discussing Silver’s comments, Barkley pulled no punches and made it clear that he does not agree with the commissioner.

    “I think that’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard Adam say,” Barkley said. “Listen, he’s a great guy. But that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard any commissioner say.”

    One lesson Matt Fleeger may learn from this instance is that there are critics everywhere and one can continue to press on or they can flounder. The best are able to take criticism and become better. The rest are not able to.

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    The Annual Spring Show of Academy of Art University showcases the artworks of their brightest and most artistic students. The academy is well-known for molding students into professional artists and designers in the industry. Each and every student in the academy is expected to transform into the best version of themselves. Through innovative design and talent, they are given a wide array of career opportunities and other opportunities for development. Academy of Art University has diverse departments from fine arts and fashion to illustration and industrial design. During the Annual Spring Show, they were able to present the excellent work of their students and it was viewed by industry professionals, guests, and alumni as well as the families, friends, and peers of the students.


    In addition to this, the Academy of Art University has a volume of creative students with talents that people have never seen before. The academy has been training artists and designers in a wide range of artistic principles for almost a century now. It is still the biggest privately-owned art school in the United States of America, and an art school that has graduates who work in leading and world-class companies. Graduating students are expected to enter big careers specifically in architectural design, fashion design, motion pictures, game design, and a lot more opportunities that await them.

    During the Annual Spring Show, people and students from across the country and around the globe were able to witness their impressive artworks and they were able to effectively communicate with the students of Academy of Art University. A lot of people were amazed by the mission and vision of the academy. The approach of the university is to provide holistic education and to educate their students about the keys to turning their careers to success. Academy of Art University has over 40 different creative disciplines, and it plays a major role in the creative lives of their students. Furthermore, the Annual Spring Show became a big networking opportunity for the graduates. The Academy of Art University values networking and it has been one of their primary objectives ever since.

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    No matter how big, tough, or strong someone is, they need someone to look after them and make sure they are doing OK and handling life as best as they can be during a difficult time. This is especially true of someone with an addiction.

    An addiction is something that really sticks with someone. It takes a lot of training and a lot of practice to get rid of it once and for all. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is going to look out for each and every single soul that decides they are going to commit to treatment. They are proud of them for taking that big leap and doing what is best for their life.

    Of course, they want to do right by their friends, family, and loved ones. However, the most important thing is that they are doing this for themselves, first and foremost. They need to do all of the steps and really buy into recovery.

    If they are not fully invested in getting better and getting the help they deserve, it’s going to be a tough hill for them to climb. They will just find themselves repeating the same old patterns and habits over and over again. It is clear those did not work in the past. Because they did not work in the past, it is time for them to take inventory of their life and see what changes need to be made. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

    The AAC has talked openly and honestly about the problems with alcohol. It is their number one biggest issue at their treatment centers. They see it all of the time, and they want to do something about it. They started with a survey, and the point of the survey was to get people to look at what they have done in the past and really comment on it openly and honesty. It is research to help out future addicts.

    One thing they have learned over at the AAC, addicts that have recovered are willing to help those addicts still in need of help. They want to see them succeed. Everyone wins when someone overcomes an addiction. It’s a thing of beauty, and it is why the AAC was founded in the first place.

    With the survey, it is clear that drinking and driving is getting out of hand. 57 percent of the people surveyed admitted they binge drink on the Fourth of July.

    That number is way too high and needs to go down. 26 percent admitted they have driven while blackout drunk. They don’t even realize what they are doing when they are in that state. They wake up the next day with no idea how they got home.

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    Learn more about American Addiction Centers:



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    Employees are the cornerstone of every business. Keeping them on track with company goals and providing consistent feedback is key. It is vital for leaders to engage their workers so that company growth is possible. Thanks to Betterworks, a Continuous Performance Management® solution, it is easier than ever to communicate with employees throughout various departments and make sure that all workers understand their important positions within the company. Here are some ways to heighten performance:

    1. Look to the Future

    Instead of conventional employee reviews that base feedback solely on past performance, reviews should look to the future. Managers should frequently discuss performance with workers and explain the best ways that employees can grow their skills. With Betterworks, it is possible to maintain regular communication and document actual conversations so that employees comprehend what is expected and can act accordingly.

    2. Improve Management

    Managers are critical to improving overall workforce performance. They should be willing to coach employees in the direction of company goals. Employees should understand how they impact the business and the individual benefits that they gain as well. Betterworks enhances communication between workers and management. This makes it possible to increase productivity.

    3. Provide a Sense of Purpose

    Every business has a mission. This purpose must become central to every worker. When an employee senses a path to growth and development, a company prospers. It is essential to invest in employees. When they see a path to advancement, they are likely to remain with a company and increase the likelihood of business growth.

    Following the above strategies should help business leaders maximize workforce performance. With the use of Betterworks, managers have the potential to harness the effectiveness of a key piece of software so that they motivate employees and boost productivity.



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