• 18Jun

    Journalism is a career that has brought an impact on the lives of many people through the great information that people acquire from professionals. Alastair Borthwick is one of the famous journalists that has been in the industry for years. His work is excellent and he has never gone out of people’s hearts despite his death. During his years in the sector, he taught people the best ways to live and be happy. He loved nature and this led him towards visiting different places to acquire information and know different people. The many books that he composed are still widely read and most people believe that he was full of talent and commitment.

    Inspiration is one of the key traits that guided the life of the renowned author. He believes that an individual who has the love for something can do anything to achieve it. His passion for journalism saw him seize his moment while he was too young. He wanted to be the best and learn new ideas while he was a little boy as he believed that the skills he acquired would shape his future and mold him into a well-known individual full of dedication. The skills that he acquired in the industry form other successful journalist molded him into a remembered legend. The journals he composed inspired the lives of his readers and they also brought motivation to his life. He is not only famous for the compassion he had towards others but he is also well known for the huge successes he brought in various industries through the tips he shared with his readers on the best opportunities they could venture into for their accomplishments. His articles are still widely read by many people and they continue bringing an impact in their lives.

    Alastair Borthwick also read books from other journalist despite having high experience in the industry. He believed that by doing so, he developed his knowledge in the sector and acquired more skills to bring perfection in his writing. He targeted to help people change their lives through acquiring new rends and learning emerging issues for a better living.

  • 29Nov

    Adam Milstein is not only dedicated to his position as a real estate investor for Hager Pacific Properties, but he also puts a large part of his life into pursuing many different philanthropical efforts in order to change the world for the better. More specifically, the efforts of Milstein revolve around Judaism and the state of Israel. With an intense love for both Israel and the United States, he is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the 2 countries on many different levels.

    The native of Haifa, Israel joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971 and was called into action during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. After finishing his time in the military, he attended the Israel Institute of Technology where he earned his business and economics degree in 1978. While Adam Milstein was attending Technion, he helped his father, who was also a real estate developer, with the family business in order to help it expand.

    Before graduating from Technion, Adam Milstein married the love of his life, Gila, in 1974. The 2 immigrated to the United States in 1981 where he was able to earn an MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983. The 2 have 3 daughters together as well as 3 grandchildren and currently live in Encino, California. The 2 co-founded the Milstein Family Foundation that works to advocate for Israel and the Jewish people by giving young professionals and students pride in their heritage and homeland.

    The Milstein Family Foundation has partnered with the American-Israel Educational Foundation which is part of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The efforts through this organization not only work with Jewish students, but they also encourage their Christian, Latino, and African American student allies to join in on the efforts to advocate for Israel. Adam Milstein and his wife created what is known as the Campus Allies Mission which is aimed at activists who have not been to Israel but support the cause despite not being Jewish themselves. The Milstein Family Foundation has provided funding and staff support for an app called Talk Israel which works to bring the community together.


  • 03Jul

    Adam Milstein has a tremendous amount of love for his homeland and as of late, he has gotten the respect of being highlighted in another book by Gil Troy, a Distinguished Scholar of North American History at McGill University. A portion of his remarks is included in this work on the point of Israeliness.

    Israeliness fuses numerous components, including Israeli culture, Jewish qualities, and Hebrew, the dialect of our Bible; unprecedented pride in Jewish convention and our history; a profound faith in Zionism; a mind-boggling association amongst Israelis and the Land of Israel.

    Adam Milstein’s duty to this thought is seen all through his work and altruistic effect for all Israelis and Jewish-Americans. It’s unmistakable in his words, and in his work that Milstein holds a profound otherworldly, enthusiastic, and moral association with the Israeli Homeland. This acknowledgment, even over the sea, is a remark celebrated, supported, and embraced, as opposed to divided into one part of life.

    Adam Milstein’s views on Israeliness

    As much as Adam Milstein is criticized and often is taking a shot for the sake of Israel, he clutches a couple of convictions that might be disliked by the individuals who have never lived anyplace other than Israel. Instead of trusting that genuine Israeliness must be accomplished by being geologically situated in Israel, Milstein holds firm to the conviction that Israeliness is a twenty-first-century indication of the Zionist dream.’

    Adam Milstein trusts joining in nations and locales everywhere throughout the world will enable the Jewish legacy to be secured – not through a protectionist pronouncement, yet rather a receptiveness to the movements and developments of individuals and culture in a cutting-edge world. Israeliness isn’t bolted to a locale. It’s an arrangement of convictions, thoughts, societies, and practices that can be taken anyplace since it’s regarded, comprehended and celebrated.




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