• 21Jul

    Upwork is a great platform where freelancers get a chance to perform work given to them by businesses and independent professionals all across the globe. Their jobs are demanding and time is everything. It is essential to create good to-do-list’s to make the day more productive and effective. The goal is to decrease stress and focus on the task at hand. Consider some of these tips to speed through your work day.

    Write It Down

    You can never go wrong when you write down every task that needs to be finished. Most times we rely on our memory and oftentimes it just doesn’t cut it. Incomplete tasks can overwhelm us and eventually stress our days out. However, if you have made it a habit to write down every task, then you are likely less to not perform it or forget it.

    List Preparation

    Organization is key. That is why you want to take advantage of creating your list the night before. By doing this, you’ll discover that you immediately can attack your tasks and get them done in an efficient manner. Good planning can go a long way when it comes to performing each individual job.


    The best practice is to put all of your tasks in one area that you can find quickly. Though there are lots of software applications that give you the opportunity two plug-in tasks, eventually this can become confusing and frustrating. To stay organized and on track, get in a good habit of inputting all of your task in one area and avoid placing them in several locations.

    Time factors

    Once you have your task written down, it’s a good idea to add time attributes to each one. This gives you a great overview of which tasks can be done at what times, how long it will take to perform them and, more importantly, which ones should you start with first.

    Freelancers who adhering to some of these tips will find that their days will be a lot more productive. Even though you have a long list of tasks to perform, the most important thing, is finishing them.



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