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    Fabletics has recently announced it plans to take on the brick and mortar retail work of athletic wear. In an article by Racked, Fabletics’ expansion plan was detailed to include up to 100 retail locations nationwide in the next three to five years. This offers Fabletics customers another alternative to shopping online, mostly through its monthly VIP subscription option. Fabletics has been demonstrating incredible growth, especially in light of the fact that it was just founded in 2013. You may recognize Kate Hudson as the celebrity face of the brand, but she is much more than just a pretty face and a fashion inspiration. Hudson is actually a co-founder of the brand and is extremely proud of her efforts to bring high quality athletic fashion to customers while providing excellent customer service support. Along those lines, Fabletics has invested even more resources recently in improving its customer service experience for its online shoppers.

    Fabletics’ model operates on a unique monthly subscription service, which allows customers to pick from a set of trendy athletic wear outfits. VIP customers, as Fabletics refers to them, are offered their first outfit at the discounted rate of $25. Thereafter, monthly subscribers pay a fee of $49.95 to select from various outfit options, or receive a discount of 50% any regularly priced Fabletics clothing options. Another added bonus with this service is that shipping is totally free for VIP members.

    Besides offering cutting edge athletic fashion at extremely discounted prices, Fabletics has been praised for giving its customers plenty of flexibility in their subscription options and outfit choices. First of all, monthly subscribers can cancel the service at any time. If a VIP member decides not to make an outfit selection for one month, the customer can simply choose not to pay the fee. Fabletics recognizes that a customer may inadvertently forget to log in and make a selection for a month, so if that happens, the customer is simply able to roll over the $49.95 credit for another future purchase.

    With an easy return and exchange policy, a wide variety of outfit choices, thousands of real customer reviews available on its site and the option to call customer service to cancel a subscription any time, Fabletics has cornered the market on efficient customer service and delivering on its hype.
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