• 31Oct

    Over 100 of London’s leading Livery companies were recently welcomed at an event at Vintners Hall. Attending were the Wardens and Clerks of London’s livery companies, and there was a tremendous showcases and spectacle for Vintners Hall. Searcy’s served up a range of high end food including smoked eel croquettes, salad, proseciutto ham and Tietar cheese. Foie gras, white chocolate and truffle buttons were also available.

    Vintners Hall (http://www.vintnershall.co.uk/) has been lauded for its quality and also flexibility regarding scheduling, and this has been noted by companies. For example, a spirits company noted that Vintners Hall did a great job with event hosting and also that they were creative and innovative regarding the hosting.

    Searcys lauded the Livery company event, and said they received positive feedback and a variety of enquiries. The catering was described as unique, and said that this put Vintners over the top when compared to other caterers.

    A management consultant society also gave Vintners accolades, saying that the Hall gave a sense of grandeur to any event. They were noted for their excellence of service.

    The Vintners Company is one of the Twelve Great Companies of the city of London, and is of course one of the UK Vintners. This company is an important part of the history of Vintners in the UK, and received its first charter in 1363. It of course has strong links with the UK wine trade, and UK Vintners in general.

    A new Charter gave the company permission to setup the Wine Standards Board, in order to enforce wine laws. UK Vintners must abide by the wine laws, though now the Food Standards Agency enforces these. In any case, Vintners in the UK have an agency overseeing them that in effect makes them adhere to certain standards. Vintners in the UK therefore are a well regulated industry, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.



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