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    News About Premium Brands Of Dog Food

    The news on Youtube  is in about your favorite premium brands of dog foods. You should be buying premium dog foods these days if you actually care about what your dog is eating. Most of my friends that I meet at the dog park agree with me that premium dog food makes your dog act perkier and happier. I’ve always recommended to new dog owners that they should try out Purinastore Beneful. I even found this article about premium dog food companies and companies like Beneful that care about what they are making for dogs.

    The article is from the Daily Herald, and it talks all about how premium dog food companies will go further to insure that their food is a high quality. Beneful is made of high quality ingredients like real meat and real vegetables. The Daily Herald article interviews a managing chief about his views on the product that they are creating in their manufacturing facilities. The managing chief is so sure that the product is high quality that he agrees to eat it right there during the interview. This doesn’t surprise me since I know that premium dog foods actually undergo real human taste testing to make sure that the final recipe is up to par with what dogs deserve.

    More About Beneful

    Beneful comes in a wide variety of flavors, so every dog and every puppy out there will be able to find a flavor that agrees with their taste palette. Dogs are like people in that they have specific tastes that they favor over other tastes. Make sure your dog is happy with his or her dog food. That is why I prefer Beneful. Beneful’s Chopped Blends is the best wet dog food : https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/ out there. It comes in 20 flavors.

    Chopped Blends comes in a flavor that is made with chicken, rice, and tomato that my dog just goes nuts over. The food really does taste great to him, and it smells great to me. Here’s the original article from the Daily Herald that I referenced.





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