• 08Aug

    Unroll Me is one of the premium yet completely free email management apps out there that would ensure that your email remains clutter free. Keeping junk and spam emails at bay can be really difficult in today’s date when just about any company, big or small is trying to reach out to the potential customers through cold sales mails, sales letters, subscription services, newsletters, promotional mails, and so on. There are tons of bonuses and offers that these companies launch from time to time to woo the customers and while many of these mails can be useful at times, most of the time they just add the burden on your inbox and you. 

    If you want to keep your inbox clean and only limited to important personal and professional emails, then you must start using the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of those email management apps that would not compromise your emails’ security while also keeping the junk and unwanted emails at bay. The Unroll Me has been developed by two entrepreneurs named Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedeya, who faced similar problems of getting hundreds of promotional emails each day in their inbox. It decreased their productivity at work majorly, and it is why they decided that there should be a comprehensive email management app that would let the users get rid of the junk in their inbox with ease. 

    The features of Unroll Me are designed to keep the inbox clean and clutter-free, and it would also help you unsubscribe from the services that are no longer relevant to you. It just takes a few clicks to get rid of unwanted emails and subscriptions, and it would end up saving you loads of time once you start using it. Unroll Me has excellent reviews online, and they are known for their easy to use features. Since everyone with even a little knowledge of computers can install Unroll Me and use them. There is no need for people to download complicated email management systems that can use a lot of space on your computers and can be difficult to use. 

  • 18Jul

    Employees are the cornerstone of every business. Keeping them on track with company goals and providing consistent feedback is key. It is vital for leaders to engage their workers so that company growth is possible. Thanks to Betterworks, a Continuous Performance Management® solution, it is easier than ever to communicate with employees throughout various departments and make sure that all workers understand their important positions within the company. Here are some ways to heighten performance:

    1. Look to the Future

    Instead of conventional employee reviews that base feedback solely on past performance, reviews should look to the future. Managers should frequently discuss performance with workers and explain the best ways that employees can grow their skills. With Betterworks, it is possible to maintain regular communication and document actual conversations so that employees comprehend what is expected and can act accordingly.

    2. Improve Management

    Managers are critical to improving overall workforce performance. They should be willing to coach employees in the direction of company goals. Employees should understand how they impact the business and the individual benefits that they gain as well. Betterworks enhances communication between workers and management. This makes it possible to increase productivity.

    3. Provide a Sense of Purpose

    Every business has a mission. This purpose must become central to every worker. When an employee senses a path to growth and development, a company prospers. It is essential to invest in employees. When they see a path to advancement, they are likely to remain with a company and increase the likelihood of business growth.

    Following the above strategies should help business leaders maximize workforce performance. With the use of Betterworks, managers have the potential to harness the effectiveness of a key piece of software so that they motivate employees and boost productivity.

  • 30May

    NGP Van is an online application that is being used by the Democrats to promote their candidates. The public has seen the full potential of the app during the 2008 United States Presidential Elections, after former Senator Barack Obama won the presidency, even if he does not have enough popularity. Just like how radio and television were considered as new technologies back in the 1950s, NGP Van is also helping the candidates to become popular through the use of the application that they have developed. Decades ago, when the television and the radio arrived inside the homes of American families, political parties used these technologies to conduct canvassing. There are no data collected, and the candidate would appear on the television or speak through the radio, encouraging the public to vote for them. The power of broadcasting media shaped the American society, and those politicians who effectively used these technologies ended up as the winners. In the 21st century, NGP Van’s application is seen as the answer to the growing number of people who rely deeply on the internet. The use of mobile devices connected online keeps on increasing every year, while at the same time, television and radio use starts to decline. Political parties are also looking at these scenarios, and they are doing their best to identify how they can cope with the changes in technology.

    NGP Van uses a technology that would eliminate the labor-intensive campaigns that the Americans are used to see. They are using fewer resources like paper, which would allow the candidates to save more money. NGP VAN is being used to collect the data of those who are living in a particular neighborhood. It can also be used to identify the strongholds of each party across the country. When NGP Van is used, candidates are expecting a huge turnout on the day of the elections. One of the most recent examples of how powerful the application can be was the huge turnout when former President Barack Obama ran into the office. There are 14.5 million voters who appeared on the election precincts on the day of the election, thanks to the massive campaigns that encouraged them to vote.

    NGP Van’s power is also expected to change the composition of the senators and the congressmen in the United States Congress. Many people believe that the whole Congress will turn out blue, in contrast to the current Republican President, Donald Trump.



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