• 13Jul

    Sightsavers is based in the United Kingdom and is a charity organization that operates internationally to reinstate sight of those with eye infirmities. Therefore, they are working to ensure that their services are better accessible by the people and communities that may call them. They have done studies on how to make better access to the vulnerable people and the marginalized communities, especially in the African continent. In the recent past, they conducted a study aimed at realizing the possible strategies to adapt in making themselves and services available to all people. As such, they made the following resolutions.

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    First, they learned to upsurge their connectedness both nationally and internationally to the stakeholders and other organizations with the same mandate. Through this strategy, Sightsavers will reach more people, stakeholders, and related organizations. This will open many opportunities for their staff to develop adeptness and experience to work hence capacity building. Again, Sightsavers will reach marginalized groups otherwise could not have to access their services. They also learned to include those with disabilities in developing and implementing programs relating to disabilities. Thus a vital step in dismantling the stereotypes and stigma towards disabilities. Again, through engaging those with disabilities in conducting training and sensitization activities, Sightsavers will further the course of edifying behavior and attitude held against disabilities.

    Moreover, Sightsavers through the study learned to develop health facilities used by those with disabilities. This would enable them to deliver excellent services. This could only be possible by engaging and reaching sensational agreements with governments and related non-governmental organizations to pump funds to renovate the existing structures, put up more, and therefore succumb the challenges posed by existing infrastructures and architectures. Sightsavers also learned to make use of disability-disaggregated information to develop positive attitudes and enhance commitment needed to realize their mission. The utilization of the data available could motivate their staff efforts hence working towards the implementation of their action plan. Lastly, Sightsavers learned about the need to have patience, resilience, guidance in the realization of their mission. Change does not come easily; it needs time, patience and resilience.




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