• 29Apr

    Sean Penn has always been outspoken on politics, but this march he released his book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This book is seen by Trevor Noah as something that is hard to describe, and somewhat strange, but can highlight the current issues in the United States. In interviews with the Daily Show and Vogue Magazine, Penn discusses how he has left his life of acting to work on this novel. Penn told Noah that this book looks to talk about “the dark nature of humans” and how they can easily be fascinated by fascist tendencies. The book tells the story of Bob Honey, an angry American that has a dirty secret. In his spare time, Bob wields a mallet and kills older Americans. He believes that by killing them he will help the progress of the country. No matter the side, the point of this book is relevant and somewhat strong.

    Penn told Vogue Magazine that the book has a sentiment that is on a parallel plane to the #METOO movement. This idea can be clear, in the interview with Noah, Penn discusses how Bob witnesses the presidential election of 2016, and eventually writes an angry letter to the president, discussing his anger with his credibility. Penn tells Noah that the idea of this book is to relate Bob to the idea that there are Americans who want to serve their country, but they are lacking a cause and purpose to do so. This arguably is where fascism can lay its routes, and its likely why Bob justifies killing people for progress.

    Aside from discussing the book, Penn mentions in the interviews his anger towards Trump with the rhetoric used about Haiti and other third world countries. He also discusses his friendship with Hugo Chavez, and his need to interview El Chapo to look at the drug war, and how it has harmed the U.S. influence in the world. It seems that Penn has finally found a way to critique U.S. foreign policy, and he is using Bob as a voice to do it.




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