• 16Sep

    Norka Luque: the new air of positivism that motivates every human being to pursue their passion. It is history, full of motivation and inspiration, where the word “impossible” never exists. This dreamy sweet Venezuelan artist discovered her passion for music at a very tender age. However, she always had a clear goal in music to bring a hopeful and positive message to the masses.

    From a humble family dedicated to supporting her at all costs, she began her training in music at the age of three. She took ballet, piano, and flamenco lessons while getting a formal education.

    Norka went to France to pursue a career in Business Administration, won fashion marketing and culinary arts. There you get the opportunity to be part of the band. This opportunity made her remain connected to his ultimate dreams. It was four years ago that he met the renowned music producer Emilio Stefan. He noticed her and decided to hold her hand in the music career. He gave her the opportunity to realize her long-awaited dream in the singing profession. This was a rare opportunity that numerous artists never get the chance to have. It made her feel extremely lucky and blessed to work with Emilio Estefan in her project. She believes that her meeting with Emilio was a miracle, a school of life. Every day she works with Emilio she keeps learning new, different things that shape her for the brighter future in music. Emilio’s conviction and faith that she will achieve a better world helped overcome the deepest personal crisis and understand that life itself is a miracle.

    The team of producers chaired by Emilio Estefan composed by Archie Pena, the Gaitan brothers, Luigi Giraldo among others, worked on the song “Miracle,” which Norka is promoting currently with El Cata and that it is a success in the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, debuting as a favorite on the Billboard Latin music list. This is a mix of reggae, Caribbean sounds, Mediterranean touches, that are mixed with a beautiful message of a miracle is now a recipe for prominence.

    Norka says that it is the sole responsibility of an artist to bring the message to their fans. This is because the lyrics in the song carry them to the deepest part of their emotions. The evolution of society and music go hand in hand. Born new genres and rhythms, but the essence of the message to be never relayed changes.



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