• 21Feb

    JHSF Participacoes S.A. was established in the year 1972 and is now among the Brazilian leading companies when it comes to the Brazilian exclusive real-estate. It is majorly recognized for its capacity to find new opportunities in the places it operates by finding and presenting sustainable solutions in developments. The 47 year old company is listed in the highest corporate government segment of the Bo Vespa in April 2007 and has made huge investments in the establishment of a lot of facilities including shopping destinations, high-end and exclusive hotels and there is also an international business airport managed by the company. As the company grew over the years, it has established its presence in places such as Sao Paulo, Uruguay and even in New York

    Recently, the company was engaged in the establishment of a high-rise apartment which will include a five-star JHSF hotel service on Fifth Avenue New York. The apartments are stated to face Central Park and will be available for rent only and not for sale as this is an investment strategy that the company intends to use. Jose AuriemoNeto, the eldest son of Fabio Auriemo, took over the company JHSF Participacoes S.A., which was his fathers business, at the age of 27 and is now the Chairman of the board of directors. His job title includes, among other functions, the overseeing the companies brand in activities in office apartments, hotels and public establishment ventures.

    Recently he has moved with his wife and their children to a six-month stretch in New York in order to closely follow the proceeds of the company’s investment projects in the city. Neto began working for the JHSF company in the year 1993 and invented the parking lot management company Parkbem. He achieved this by founding the group’s services department. After huge success, Jose Auriemo Neto acquired rights to construct the first shopping terminal in Santa Cruz and oversaw its successful establishment to completion. Over the years the company has made huge investment strides and even encroached different regions and in early 2018, the company’s its gross profit is reported to be up by 16.1 percent each year.
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  • 25Jan

    When people think of real estate investing, they often don’t think about coaching. Many people don’t realize that getting advice and help from an experienced professional is crucial step.

    If you’re looking for high quality training on real estate investing, José AuriemoNeto can help you. Getting quality education and training is an important step and needs to be handled properly. By working having a coach, you can learn what strategies and techniques work best in your chosen area of real estate. You’ll be able to take the right steps and avoid costly mistakes.

    Although there are many professionals and firms out there that have training and coaching programs for those who want to get into the field, it’s crucial to look for someone who has a proven track record. With the right professional on your side, you can rest assured that you will have the information and knowledge you need to become successful in your endeavor.

    José AuriemoNeto is well versed in all aspects of real estate and has catered to a wide variety of clients. He is fully committed to ensuring that his clients are satisfied with the services provides. He has great expertise in real estate development and has worked with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

    José AuriemoNeto is chairman and CEO of JHSF – one of Brazil’s leading firms in real estate development. His approach to investing and property development is highly effective and yield great returns on investment.

    Numerous people turn to José AuriemoNeto for expert assistance with their real estate needs, including buyers, sellers and those who want to start a real estate business. His advice or guidance can help you tremendously on your way to real estate investing success.

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  • 08Nov

    Samuel Strauch probably never dreamed that he would one day be one of the biggest real estate investors in Florida with an expansive reach internationally, but that is where the man is today. Samuel Strauch is the man behind the work that Metrik Holdings has been doing.

    Metrik Holdings, and Metrik Real Estate, is the company that has launched Strauch to the upper echelon of real estate agents in all of Miami Beach. His work with Metrik Real Estate has allowed Strauch to get an up close view to the rapidly evolving and innovative market. Strauch is an incredibly interesting entrepreneur and worth looking at a little closer in order to learn his techniques.

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    For Samuel Strauch the key to success was really all about timing. Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Holdings almost 15 years ago after a chance visit to Miami. Strauch says of the visit, “I witnessed a fantastic real estate opportunity within the rapidly growing population.” Strauch went on to explain how Miami was transitioning from a resort area into one filled with up and coming pieces of land. Strauch goes on to explain how his international flair helped him get started, “”As a result, I realized that I already had a multitude of potential clients and investors because Miami is known as the gateway to Latin America.”

    Metrik Holdings shows that Strauch is far more interested in expanding his empire than just sitting and focusing on real estate. Strauch says of Metrik, “Whether at work or during their travels, my team analyzes various industries and businesses with the purpose of creating a wide array of investment opportunities.” It is clear early on that Strauch has big plans with Metrik and his goals are not going to stay idle. Samuel Strauch may have gotten his start in real estate but the future is wide open.

    Visit metrikmiami.com for more information about Samuel Strauch.

  • 13Feb

    One of the most popular ways for people to earn significant money is by making real estate investments. Many people have used real estate over the years as a way of becoming financially successful. There are a variety of reasons why people use real estate as a way of earning significant money. One of the main reasons is because real estate can be purchased through the use of other people’s money.

    This allows people to make real estate investments without having the money to purchase the real estate or allows people with enough money to keep their money to be used elsewhere. Real estate is one of the few investments that is common in all locations. Whether large cities or small cities, real estate can be found to purchase and sell. The same approach is used regarding real estate no matter the location. This enables people to understand the various aspects of real estate and use the same principles regardless of the situation.

    A proven method of using real estate for profit is to purchase real estate at one price and sell the same real estate at a higher price. People in all areas can use this approach. The value of the real estate maybe different concerning various real estate deals, but people of all financial levels can participate in real estate investing.

    The value of real estate is impacted greatly by its location. This is one of the main concepts behind real estate investing.  According to NY Mag, in New York, real estate investing is one of the most popular ways that people earn significant amounts of money. There are areas in New York where real estate is valued in the millions.

    A real estate investor who has made millions of dollars investing in New York real estate is Arthur Becker. A millionaire who has made most of his wealth through the biotech and info tech industries, Arthur Becker has also enjoyed great success as a real estate investor. Some of the real estate investments in New York that Arthur Becker has made include JDS Development Group, Property Markets Groups, and AmBase Corp.

    Arthur Becker has other real estate investments in New York such as the Sullivan project. According to therealdeal.com, this particular project is a townhouse project that consists of an area of prime real estate property worth millions of dollars.







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