• 17Apr

    Run a successful Democratic campaign using the all new Digital 8 software by NGP VAN, which includes LGBTQ features. The new application is integrated with Pipeline for real-time transfer of database updates. It is easy to use the email tools to connect with supporters. The online tools will allow your campaign to operate more efficiently. Social tools will allow your campaign to easily reach more people.

    NGP VAN’s targeted Email through Digital 8 helps to raise money as well as quickly stimulate action. By creating an automated email selection, the program responds to specific condition such as emailing new subscribers to welcome them to the team. The automatically generated emails will allow supporters the opportunity to make a donation, sign up as a volunteer or join a mailing list with just one click of a button.

    NGP VAN’s online tools through Digital 8 give easy access to more than 59 million Action Profiles. This access will increase conversion rates with pre-filled forms based off of previous entries. An unlimited number of customizable forms can be created through the online tools. The forms can easily be created using the new Theme form wrappers. Use the templates to create the forms then adjust the requested amounts, add custom fields, and save the forms as needed. Supporters can use the self-service portal to update contact information, credit card information, and email preferences. The forms are compatible with mobile devices for added usability.


    NGP VAN’s social tools through Digital 8 will allow for easy tracking of supporters social influence. The tools will automatically match any listed email address with dozens of social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Messages can be individualized according to rank and measure their involvement across multiple channels. Supporters can share forms on social media and the Social Share Tracker will record the effect of the shares.

    NGP VAN is a company which offers tools and advice for running a successful Democratic campaign. They have helped to elect leaders in all 50 states by offering integrated technology to help with fundraisers, social networking, compliance, and more. The new Digital 8 will help by offering multiple services through one application. For a successful Democratic campaign, Digital 8 by NGP VAN has the services you need.

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