• 02Oct

    The political action committee of End Citizens United as formed a couple of years ago and since then the group has become one of the most talked about PACs in the United States of America.

    Two years ago, the Supreme Court made the decisions Citizens United. The political group had the mission of making its name a reality. End Citizens United has been extremely active since it as formed back in 2015. The political group achieved about 35 000 signatures in the first few months of its existence. Although the amendment to revoke the decision of the Supreme Court was not passed, End Citizens United is still fighting for its values and beliefs.

    The leader of the End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller. She is at the positions of President as well as Executive Director of the political action group. During her first cycle as the leader of the action group, Tiffany Muller helped the group grow nationwide with over three million members who raised over 25 million dollars. Tiffany Muller has a long history of leadership as well as raising awareness. She has dedicated her life to fighting against discrimination of the LGBT community members.

    Despite the fact that an amendment has not been passed since the ears of 1992, the supporters of the End Citizens United political action group believe that the change can be made and that the group is capable of completing its mission. Meanwhile, End Citizens United is giving it their all. The team is quite resourceful, and it does not shy away from ad pipelines as a way of raising awareness and money. So far, End Citizens United has utilized pipelines such as physical and digital advertisement such as physical mail and e-mail, ads in newspapers, magazines as well as on websites and other news outlets. End Citizens United is also using TV ads and podcast advertisement.

    End Citizens United Is also showcasing their support for political candidates and are raising money for their political campaign as well. In 2015, End Citizens United announced their support for 11 Republican candidates. The latest news about End Citizens United is that the committee will have collected well over 35 million dollars by 2018 and the midterm elections for Congress next year. At the beginning of 2017, End Citizens United increased their efforts. After the first three months of 2017, it was announced that about 100 000 people had made a donation to the group of End Citizens United.

    The future is bright for this political action group. Many believe that the group will achieve its mission and that drives more contributors to the team. One of the things that have been recognized about End Citizens United is that the group served to create communication between the public and he Supreme Court.



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