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    Dick DeVos attended Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University. He is also a trained jet aircraft and helicopter pilot. Dick is an alumnus of the Harvard University and Wharton Executive Study programs. In 1974, Dick DeVos started working for Amway Corporation. Over the years, he rose through the ranks to become vice president of the company. I believe that he was appointed to serve as the CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball club because of his transformative leadership. After a while, he returned to Amway as the President.

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    During his tenure as a steward at Amway, Dick opened several new markets. In addition, the firm tripled its foreign sales that exceeded the domestic sales. This was the first time that the company had reported such revenues. Dick tried to venture into politics by vying for Michigan’s gubernatorial position. It is my opinion that he has donated to different causes because of his vast wealth. Over the years, Dick has funded nearly every prominent Republican running for state office. He has also supported different conservative movements on issues ranging from charter schools and vouchers to anti-gay-marriage and anti-tax ballot measures. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Dick has been donating to different causes. The foundation has supported the Art Prize, the Potter’s House and West Michigan Aviation Academy.

    In 2002, Dick established Windquest Group. This company was engaged in manufacturing and marketing closet and storage organizers. I believe that Amway Corporation was restructured under Dick’s leadership. The umbrella firm, Alticor Corporation, comprised the Access Business Group, the Quixtar Corporation and the Amway Corporation. The new company penetrated more countries and territories in a bid to enhance its operations. This information was originally published on The New Netherlands Institute article.

    Dick is a family man. He is married to Betsy. They have four children named Ryan, Andrea, Elissa and Rick. He also chairs Grand Action, which has been at the forefront of revamping the downtown Grand Rapids. Additionally, he serves as a board member of RDV Corporation. Despite his involvement in business, Dick also devotes time to community services. I think that Dick DeVos established STEM Education in order to nurture the boy scouts of America into becoming all-round persons as well as prepare them to join the job markets, especially in the fields of science and technology. Additionally, he started the Education Freedom Fund, which has given over 4,000 bursaries to disadvantaged children living in Michigan. His passion for education has seen him donate more than $36 million to Grand Valley State University. This information was originally mentioned on his Twitter account.



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