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    Wikipedia is a great source for information on a variety of subjects. You’ve probably discovered that it is an incredible site with a wealth of information available at the click of a mouse. Perhaps, you are one of the many visitors that took the opportunity to edit a few articles. Now, you are ready to join the big league and be a Wikipedia writer. Well, don’t delay. Wikipedia needs writers. New writers keep the site alive and relevant. Here are a few things to remember about writing for Wikipedia, before composing that first Wikipedia article.

    Writing Directly
    Certainly, you’ve made a major decision to join the Wikipedia community and start writing your own articles. Here is something to remember. A new writer must register first, if they wish to directly submit their article. Unregistered writers must submit their articles to a Wikipedia editor for review and publishing. Therefore, it is a wise choice to take a few minutes to register on the Wikipedia site.

    Article Search
    Before writing the first article for Wikipedia, take a few minutes to search for another article on the subject that you would like to write about. If it is a popular topic, there are probably articles already on the subject. Read the article. Take a few minutes to make minor edits. Editing is a way to boost your confidence and encourage you to write a quality first Wikipedia article.

    Gathering References
    You probably already realize that gathering references for your proposed article is a very important part of the entire writing process on Wikipedia. Articles on Wikipedia should be notable. In other words, they are the type of articles feature in encyclopedias. If you find it extremely difficult to find quality references, the subject is not notable. Seek reliable sources for your references.

    Seek Advice
    Certainly, every new writer on Wikipedia could use advice from an experienced writer on the site. Wikipedia makes it very easy for a new writer to contact other community members and request feedback at the talk page or Wiki Project. Check the site for more information.

    Get Your Wiki
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