• 24Feb

    There is a serious issue with the culture of online dating. So many online dating apps have allowed sexual harassment and other issues to plague users and create a bad experience for everyone involved. Whitney Wolfe, CEO of dating app Bumble, has tried to address these issues with her online dating app Bumble. As a victim of sexual harassment herself she believes it is important that we try to change the way we think of dating apps to combat misogyny. Bumble does this with a unique approach to dating. On Bumble women make the first move always in opposite sex matches. This means that a man must wait for a woman to show interest before he decides to make any sort of move.

    Fights A Toxic Culture

    It seems as if the app is doing what it was intended to do. Few members report any sexual harassment and there are more than 150 million matches to boast about. The culture of online dating often has an ugly side to it like anything else the internet offers, but this doesn’t need to happen. If enough people decide that they want to change things things will change. Bumble is the start of this but eventually others will follow them model of Whitney Wolfe. When that happens we will see an entirely new face for online dating and a better experience for everyone.

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    About Whitney Wolfe

    Although she has only had a career for 5 years Whitney Wolfe has already proven she is one of the most successful Millennial business leaders out there. From her work on Tinder at Hatch Labs to the success of her startup Bumble she has shown she is capable of working in a variety of areas and creating success.

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