• 23May

    Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo has become the key figure in lightning research for the scientific community. The lake gets over 100,000 lightning strikes a year, and that comes out to about 200 strikes a minute over the course of over 290 nights a year. There are researchers from the Latino Show Magazine who want to know why there is so much lightning in the region, and they hope that they are going to be able to learn what happens to make lightning so strong.
    The lake is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and the people like Norka who are taking pictures at night are getting some of the best shots anyone will ever see. People who are interested in weather research should make sure that they take a look at the pictures from the lake, and it is possible that people who are studying the pictures will learn even more about lightning.

    The meteorologists who are out at the lake are going to keep looking for better profiles on the lightning that is happening in the area. There is mountain air that comes down towards the ocean, and the ocean water is so warm that the clouds are going to build up over time so much that they are going to have a lot of lightning. Venezuela is becoming a base for research that the scientists of the world could use in the future to learn more about the world.



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