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    Majority of companies provide workers with adequate working space. Presence a large platform is essential due to several reasons. Such an environment is subdivided into workstations that house each worker. Studies have revealed that this environment promoted high levels of productivity at an average of 7 out of 10. On the other hand, employees that worked in enclosed offices reported low scores during the test. Several workers were interviewed and results obtained proved to be beneficial.

    For instance, working in an open environment promoted creativity due to little competition or internal drama. Hence, employees viewed their work as meaningful and are bound to come up with creative ideas. Presence of a free workplace promotes strong identities that are essential in excellent execution of tasks. Free circulation of air and random movement of workers can trigger retrieval of valuable information from the mind.

    Alternatively, open workplaces provide an avenue that promotes sharing and brainstorming sessions. Employees can easily seek advice from trusted colleagues within a short time. Workers possess different skillsets that can complement each other when working as a team. Exemplary results are the final product of synergy within a good team.

    More importantly, learning, collaboration and sustainability are highly promoted in the presence of an open work space. Valuable data is transferred between employees hence expediting provision of customer service. Members are obliged to help each other when in need and foster good professional relationships. Joint activities are also completed to satisfaction when workers understand each other well.

    Open spaces safeguard job control for most if not all workers. Employees in such an environment can prioritize different workloads and adopt specific approaches. For instance, they can bill in more hours just to meet a deadline or take a short break to refresh their bodies and minds. Furthermore, they are free to relocate to different workstations and complete jobs in peace.

    Workers in a free work space reported a sense of belonging and connection with their colleagues. An open environment exudes a good vibe that promotes productive discussions between employees. As such, every idea presented is taken seriously in an effort to create harmony between members. By being taken seriously, employees feel part and parcel of this professional community and are bound to stay loyal.


    About Workville

    Workville offers Manhattan offices for rent right in Times Square. The firm provides open desks, shared offices and move in ready cubicles. Flexibility and comfort are the key concepts responsible for the setup of the new establishment. Occupants are free to hold meetings at the outdoor terrace, café or lounge area. Small and medium enterprises are the main target of this firm.



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