• 06May

    I have come to find out that EOS stands for the evolution of smooth and this is evident in their lip balms after trying it. EOS lip balms are applied in a smooth coat and allow your lips to feel luscious and properly moisturized, much more so than other competing lip balms that are out there. 

    There appear to be several reasons for this. EOS prides themselves on using higher quality ingredients than their competition does including oils such as jojoba and coconut oil. When this is compared to the lower quality emollients used by competitors, namely in the form of petroleum jelly, the difference is quite obvious. Second, EOS uses natural flavorings and the taste is less artificial than competing brands. In other words, mint tastes like mint and strawberry tastes like strawberry flavorings and this is really appreciated in this day and age.

    I tried several of the flavors of EOS lip balm. Their vanilla bean had the delicious flavor of vanilla and did not taste like those artificial vanilla extracts; it tasted like the real thing. Their strawberry mint flavor was a wonderful blend between the two and was more than the sum of its parts. Passion fruit was a unique twist and added to the flavor of the lip balm as well.

    Overall, would recommend EOS lip balm to anyone. The flavor pairings are great and you truly feel as if you are using an elite product when you apply their lip balm to your lips.

  • 17Oct

    When it comes to keeping your lips smooth, you want to pick something that helps keep your lips moisturized for longer. When you have to reapply your lip balm every half an hour it can get really annoying. Here are three great options is you want products that will last longer and keep your lips smoother.


    EOS, which is short of Evolution of Smooth, has lip balms of various flavors that come in orbs, instead of the normal stick. Not only are they unique in this sense, but they also tend to be long lasting.

    While most of the flavors from EOS are normal, organic, or have a shimmer, you can also get a medicated lip balm, which is great for use when the cold air comes. To learn more, check out the EOS Pinterest page.

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    Burt’s Bees

    Burt’s Bees is another naturally made lip balm that lasts for a longer time that most of your normal brands, like Chapstick. They come in fun flavors, and always have a hint of honey.

    Burt’s Bees also has some tinted options for your lips. This way you not only get moisture, but you also get a little color too, and it’s better for your lips than lipstick.


    Nivea is another great choice in moisturizing lip balms. You can get ones that help your lips feel wetter longer, and ones that add a little tint and shimmer to your lips.

    Nivea is a brand that is known for being good for your skin and your face.

    Each of these cost within the same price range of one another, and are all excellent options if you want a lip balm that work well and lasts!




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