• 17Oct

    A GSM phone has the capability of receiving a sim card to be used with any carrier as long as the sim card is for that particular carrier. There are many carriers in the USA that use GSM phones, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and FreedomPop now uses these phones as well. Before the GSM phones were used on the FreedomPop network, only CDMA phones that came from Sprint were able to be used with FreedomPop, but thankfully, the company saw that this was not good enough. Although Sprint has a lot of customers, especially some that may want to switch over to FreedomPop, there are still many GSM customers as well.

    Those who use a GSM phone can choose to make a purchase to buy a phone from FreedomPop in a retail store or on the FreedomPop website, or they can always have their phone unlocked to work with FreedomPop. Once a phone is usable on the FreedomPop network, it’s necessary to purchase the sim card of that FreedomPop offers. The 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop is great in the fact that it allows for usage of the sim card in any sim slot size and only needs to be taken apart for the exact size sim slot that is being used.

    Since a lot of different phones can be used on the FreedomPop network, this means that there may be different sized sim cards that are needed for a particular phone, so having the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop makes it a lot easier, especially if a person isn’t too sure about what size sim card they’ll require for their particular phone. Setting up a phone is easy as well and only requires getting the sim card and activating it. It’s also important to choose a phone plan, and there are several plans available on the FreedomPop network.

    Those who choose the free plan will be able to enjoy 200 minutes of talk time along with 500 text messages and 200 MB of data. Anyone who wants to extend their data up to 700 MB can do so if they add 10 FreedomPop friends to their account. Those choosing the unlimited plan will not have to worry about going over their minutes or text messages, but the user will have to choose their data limits, and they can add additional data whenever they want to.

    Reference Link: http://www.cranialborborygmus.com/freedompop-gsm-sim-review.htm

  • 18Jan

    Since 2010, the trend of unlimited data cell phone plans has been dying out. Following AT&T, Verizon soon eliminated its plan as well. Since two of the largest carriers in the nation dropped the plan, it has steadily lost traction. Other carries (such as T-Mobile and Sprint) may offer this package for new customers, but the quality of video and speed (not to mention the steep prices) do not make for a compelling case when deciding if this is the best option to purchase.

    However, AT&T has recently acquired DirecTV. This new development has led to a reintroduction of its unlimited data plan, with provisions, of course. Signing up to DirecTV or U-verse, the home cable service offered by AT&T, allows a customer the option of purchasing an unlimited data plan. The move has been popular for families who want cable as we’ll as to share data among their family members. Given the popularity of streaming videos these days and the convenience of DirecTV, the return to this old structure is unsurprising. However, for an individual looking for the best plan, having to sign up for one of these cable services is not always the best bet. So while the unlimited data plans may be back in favor, AT&T’s offer may not be right for everyone.

    Founded in 2011 and based in California, FreedomPop is an alternative to AT&T that offers unlimited data with its cell phone plans, and no need to sign up for a cable service as well. Thus far, FreedomPop has raised $59 million dollars to fund its services through Clearwire and Sprint. It also sells devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that are compatible with its mobile services, making the transition to their plan that much easier.

    FreedomPop has received praise from consumers who are tired of paying for unwanted data plans. It includes 3G and 4G data and works on both iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, to combat the constant, futile search for Wi-Fi around the country, for $5 FreedomPop offers connection to over 10 million hotspots on its nationwide plan. While not yet selling its own devices outside the U.S., FreedomPop is expanding into the UK, making it an international presence and powerhouse. FreedomPop is truly ushering in the next wave of unlimited data plans.

  • 13Jan

    Many do not know what they can expect if they switch from one phone company to another, so the article on Lifehacker.com is very helpful. The article proves that switching phone companies is easier than ever, and it’s even possible for those making the switch to get free service, free phones, a change of phone number, or it’s possible to keep the same number. Many phone companies are willing to do what’s necessary to get customers to make the switch, and it may be more beneficial to switch to another carrier that has lower prices and more data like FreedomPop.

    Many cell phone plans want to try and limit the amount of data that a person has on their cell phone, especially since they know that people use data regularly. If a person is limited to the amount of data that the cell phone company chooses, then they can be charged extra fees when they go over their data limits. Although this may not seem fair to those who have to pay the fees, it makes a lot of extra money for the companies that supply data to their cell phone users.

    There is also a problem with those who have to pay extra fees for data each month because it’s data that helps to run a GPS, and it allows a person to download applications, and it allows a person to access the Internet on their cell phone. Without data, a person wouldn’t be able to use their smartphone the way it was meant to be used, and there will be no Internet access. Although a person who can control their Internet usage can still join a company that has limited data on a smartphone, it’s best to join FreedomPop and get unlimited data on the cell phone.

    FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone plan includes data that doesn’t end, no matter how much data a person uses on their phone. There’s no longer a need to worry about running the GPS for hours at a time, just because data is limited on the cell phone. The person can also search the Internet while they are running GPS, and they won’t have to worry about losing their way while using the GPS. FreedomPop also allows a person to have constant talk time as well as text messages without any limits. The cost for all these luxuries with FreedomPop is only $20 a month, which is lower in cost than any other service provider out there.



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