• 31Jul

    EOS lip balm is unlike any product you’ve ever used before. Made using all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, the lip balms protect and nourish the lips while providing a great scent and flavor. It’s finally easy to say farewell to chapped lips when using EOS lip balms. More than 12 flavors are available, including a medicated and shimmer line for people who want a little more from their lip balm. EOS lip balms are truly a treat for your lips no matter which of the lines or flavors you fancy.

    What’s All the Fuss Over EOS?

    Discovered by fashion magazine editors a few years ago, EOS lip balms eliminate dry, chapped lips and replaces them with smooth, soft lips that smell great. It’s a product that tons of celebrities swear by, yet it’s still reasonably priced so the average consumer can purchase their own sphere of lip protection. Find the product at your local drugstore, buy directly from the EOS website, or find it elsewhere.

    Your Favorite EOS Flavor

    Which flavor should you choose? That’s all your personal preference, but it’s probably a good idea to try out a couple of flavors. Plus, you’ll never run out of EOS lip balm with two spheres in your purse. Search online for some of the ‘best of’ blogs because tons mention EOS and their flavorful lip balms. For many people, it’s the strawberry sorbet lip balm they most love. It blends the yummy taste of strawberries and cream together in a lush lip balm.

  • 06May

    I have come to find out that EOS stands for the evolution of smooth and this is evident in their lip balms after trying it. EOS lip balms are applied in a smooth coat and allow your lips to feel luscious and properly moisturized, much more so than other competing lip balms that are out there. 

    There appear to be several reasons for this. EOS prides themselves on using higher quality ingredients than their competition does including oils such as jojoba and coconut oil. When this is compared to the lower quality emollients used by competitors, namely in the form of petroleum jelly, the difference is quite obvious. Second, EOS uses natural flavorings and the taste is less artificial than competing brands. In other words, mint tastes like mint and strawberry tastes like strawberry flavorings and this is really appreciated in this day and age.

    I tried several of the flavors of EOS lip balm. Their vanilla bean had the delicious flavor of vanilla and did not taste like those artificial vanilla extracts; it tasted like the real thing. Their strawberry mint flavor was a wonderful blend between the two and was more than the sum of its parts. Passion fruit was a unique twist and added to the flavor of the lip balm as well.

    Overall, would recommend EOS lip balm to anyone. The flavor pairings are great and you truly feel as if you are using an elite product when you apply their lip balm to your lips.

  • 04Nov

    Recent sales figures show that EOS is the second-best selling lip balm on the market today, ranking above the well-known Chapstick brand that so many have used and loved for so long. Sales records aren’t necessary to understand the love that the world has found for the EOS brand. Selling one-million lip balms per week and surpassing a name like Chapstick is definitely big news, but being the brand saw in the hands of celebrities like Kim K and Miley Cyrus is truly the point in which you know that you’ve found success.

    How did EOS lip balm, in just seven short years of existence, surpass the brand that so many trust for their lip care? For most, the answer to this question isn’t very surprising. As more concern over the ingredients found in skin care and health care products rises, more consumers are searching for natural products that alleviate the worry and provide them with the care they seek. EOS lip balm focuses on using only the best natural ingredients that nature has to offer, enhancing those ingredients only with enjoyable flavors. The result of this lip balm is a set of lips that look and feel great all year long. For more information, visit theluckyvitamin website and the company’s Linked In page.




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