• 16Dec

    Technology is impacting each and every sector of the economy. Features such as communication through networks and remote control over items are also taking over. You may have probably been thinking about a system that could control the lighting system of your enterprise remotely. Well, Gooee has made this possible. Gooee (https://gooee.com/) is a company that majors in lighting systems. The system, called smart lighting, enable one to switch lights on or off remotely. It also provides one with a platform to schedule when the lights should automatically go off or on. All these can be done through your smartphone. This is probably the best way to start automating all activities in your home or office.
    The system’s efficiency in unparalleled. Take, for instance, one’s company, in which there are over 300 bulbs to be controlled. Manually, one has to walk around the premises to ensure that all bulbs are switched off so as to save on electricity. With smart lighting, the hustle and bustle is done away with. All one needs is his smartphone and a web application. IFTTT is one such application.
    Automated control is not the only feature that smart lighting offers. Sensors can be incorporated into the platform to automate the system even further. Such sensors would turn the lights on whenever one walks into a room. The lights are also switched off when there is no one in the room. This system is energy efficient. Apart from this, the sensors could change the color of the lights whenever something, such as a fire breakout, occurs. The lights can also be made to flicker in such cases.



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