• 23Apr

    OSI Group is one of the leading food providers in the world. The OSI Group collaborates with other renowned food service and brands to bring different ideas that make clients happy around the world.

    With the right framework and the financial muscle of one of the leading privately owned food providers, we give you extensive choices to choose from, develop, and disburse conventional food solution in the whole world.

    At the center of our company is a passion for entrepreneurship and activities that bring curiosity and build a relationship with clients. Turn to OSI Group for clean and original ways to give the coming generation some food solutions and in the long run turn your ideas into a thriving business.

    Careers and employment at OSI Group
    OSI Group believes that it is the employees who drive its success. Having success as the primary goal makes the group create and give conditions that bring stimulating, challenging and opportunities that in the end bring rewards. The workforce at OSI Group is inclusive and diverse, and the employees have a passion for their work.

    OSI Group was the recipient of the 2016 prestigious Globe of Honor Award. The word was presented by the British Safety Council for the proper management of the risks in the environment. The venue of the awards was at the Draper’s Hall in London.



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