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    Many stars have developed an interest in the Kabballah Centre and some have even converted to Judaism. The Kabballah has helped them cope with their lives and find meaning. The website for the Kabballah Centre states Kabballah is an ancient wisdom designed to provide lasting fulfillment and joy. It changes the way people look at the world and contains the soul of the Torah. It is an insight into the worlds creation and a plan for the universe.

    Sammy Davis believed in the 5,000 year history and felt the Kabballah represented something to hold onto. During the period of time the Jews lived in oppression the Kabballah gave them strength. The Kabballah Centre lends a sense of honesty and spiritual peace to Judaism. Madonna felt the Kabballah taught her she was put on earth to help other individuals. She told Time Magazine she needed to figure out specifically what she could do to help and send the message of Kabballah all over the world. Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism, gave her support to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and became an advocate for Israel.

    The Kabballah Centre is by tradition only supposed to offer studies to Jews above the age of forty and usually male. Offering lessons to anyone not of Jewish faith or under a certain age is against the Orthodox Jewish religion. Rabbi Philip Berg was the leader of the Kabballah Revolution believed a simplification of the Kabballah combined with modern life’s aspects actually gave the teachings more relevance. His claim was the Kabballah brought the struggles of biblical figures to life.

    The Kabballah Centre teaches the oldest spiritual wisdom and believe it contains the secrets of the universe and the human hearts mysteries. The teachings strive to explain the material and nonmaterial complexities of the world and the spiritual and physical nature of the people. Kabballah teaches people how to remove suffering, pain and chaos.

    The Kabballah Centre teaches that everyone was born with the potential to be great and the Kabballah is the key. The Kabballah is meant to be learned and used to bring freedom, understanding and clarity. The Kabballah Centre International offers the invitation to learn to everyone and provides scholarships for those with the greatest potential.

    To know more visit @: livestream.com/Kabbalah-Centre-Europe

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    Many may have heard of Kabbalah Centre, but they may not know what it is all about. Read this article to grasp what you should be aware of Kabbalah Centre to transform your life. It is the wisdom of the past, and it seeks to reveal the working of life and knowledge. As suggested by the name, it studies how to get fulfillment in your entire life.

    During your life, it comes a time when you feel that you have not fulfilled all that you should. These are feelings that can overcome you as a human being. Many people have tried to fulfill what they feel they need but have not made it. It is a paradoxical situation. It is essential that fulfillment is not just being happy with yourself or something. Here fulfillment is being connected with energy and being able to maintain that connection to a long-lasting satisfaction.

    If you have ever had such feelings as mentioned above, you are at the right place. Kabbalah is the paradigm of life that is from the past. Here there are teaching about every aspect of life, and if you are dedicated to the Kabbalah, your fulfillment will be met. The areas studied here are health, career, and relationship which all originate from the same root. The universe works in a certain way, and the Kabbalah connects with this working principles.

    At the Kabbalah Centre, there are teachings related to how the world works. It is notable that all these lessons apply to individuals who want to have a permanent fulfillment in their life. Anyone can study regardless of race. If you are willing to experience the connection and achieve fulfillment in your life, the teachings offer exactly that. The studies do not force learners to have a particular way of thinking, and that is the advantage of Kabbalah.

    The studies give learners information, knowledge and tools for practical results in their lives. These are results that you can feel as you continue studying the Kabbalah. It is also essential to note that here there is no blind faith. It is an application that is practical. It will make you have the understanding you need in this life. If you dedicate yourself to the studies, you will understand the working of the universe and above all good things will happen in your life.

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    The Kabbalah Centre is a Los Angeles based not for profit educational organization focused on disseminating information pertaining to the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah. The organization was founded by the well known scholar and Jewish Rabbi, Phillip Berg, along side his wife, Karen Berg, in the mid 80s. The Kabbalah Centre features both online, digital classes with real professors as well as the option for students to participate in real world classes at a wide array of brick and mortar locations.


    The Kabbalah itself is a set of doctrines and metaphysical principals that arose out of ancient syncretic Judaic practices and is at the heart of all of the Kabbalah Centre’s teachings. The Kabbalah is generally defined as the method by which individuals interpret the Ein Sof (divine realm of God) as well as understand their place within in the mundane world of God’s creation. It should also be noted that, despite the Kabbalic traditions presupposition in the belief of a deity, the Kabbalah Centre is not a religious organization, but rather a spiritual and philosophical and metaphysical one, as there are no doctrinal tenants nor dogmas. Indeed, prospective attendees to the Kabbalah Centre need not even have had previous experience with either the Kabbalah nor the Judaic tradition to attend classes, as the whole goal of the organization to bring information regarding the metaphysical discipline to the masses.

    The foundational text of the Kabbalic tradition is the ancient, 13th Century work known as The Zohar. As such, the Zohar is also the principal text utilized by the Kabbalah Centre, however, that work is also supplemented by a wide array of texts from the various instructors, including the dean of the school, Philip Berg.


    The Kabbalah Centre currently operates over fifty branches worldwide, however it’s main headquarters are located in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Toronto, Ontario. For those interested in learning more about the organization, a plethora of information can be found on their website at kabbalah.com.


    Start your Kabbalah Lesson here https://www.kabbalah.com/where-begin



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