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    One of the most talked-about figures in European sports Gino Ponzo turns around football clubs who perform poorly and put them into the top of their league. He was born in a family of football fans. His mother was related to the former president of the Udinese Calcio Football club, and his family has been loyal fans all his life. Ownership of a sports club began with Gino’s father Gianpaolo purchasing the Udinese club in 1986. His family sold their woodworking business to focus on their football club. According to Gino, football was not only a passion but a way to help the community.

    By the time Gino Ponzo attended college, he had moved to the United States and earned a master degree from Harvard University. After marrying, he moved again to Spain and reside for twenty years in Barcelona.

    Gino took the helm of his family business and purchased the Grenada Football club while still living in Barcelona. Within two years, Grenada Football Club rose from a Segunda B to a Primera Liga for the first time in 35 years.

    After purchasing Watford Football club, Gino Pozzo moved his family to England. He wanted to be closer to the club so that he could immerse himself into the club operation. A fan of English football, Gino Pozzo plans to stay for the long term.

    The Pozzo family is the only family in the world that owns three football clubs in Italy, Spain, and England. Gino Pozzo proves to be the mastermind behind the family business. One way was by scouting which involves trading players between family clubs. In addition, scouting helped to ensure the growth of the football clubs.

    Gino also stresses the importance of looking out for new possibilities when it comes to recruiting not only players but coaches. Pozzo’s strategy has provided Watford with top players who have put the club into a top standing in the premier league.

  • 03Jul

    Before getting into how successful Fortress Investment Group has been in recent memory, we first have to talk about how difficult it is to succeed in the field that they work in. As far as what that field is, it is the demanding and competitive investing field. Now, as we can imagine, professionals working as investors always have to be on their “A-Game”. Anything less than that can result in serious and costly mishaps that can be unrecoverable. In addition to that, we have to remember that most investment firms are using other people’s money. That said, any mishap can also result in some serious legal trouble. Now that we understand how challenging it can be to work in the investment field, we can appreciate the success that they’ve had. Recently, that success has come in the form of change. More specifically, it has come as a result of having to keep up with the always changing times. As we all know, technology is constantly improving and changing the way industries work. Add in the fact that investing is already an unsteady field and we see why making changes was an important part of Fortress Investment Group’s recent success. Fortress is an investment company based in New York. With all of this in mind, let’s talk more about there recent changes and how it affected their overall goals.

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    A Year Of Change With Fortress Investment Group
    In an article on Fortress Investment Group and their year of monumental change, among many things, we get to see first-hand exactly what changes brought them success. Starting off, they benefited tremendously from their purchase by Softbank. What this changed allowed for was an overseeing of global assets near the $50 million marks. In addition to that, another big change they made was making a dive into the high profile real estate market. After finding success there, they eventually expanded into other realms they weren’t as familiar with. More than anything, this shows how far Fortress Investment Group is willing to go to succeed. All in all, this type of thinking will only allow them to succeed for many years to come.

    Check more about Fortress Investment Group: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/company/FIG:US

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    Based in Portland Oregon, Nitin Khanna helps arrange acquisitions and mergers of companies as the Chief Executive Officer of Mergertech. Before founding Mergertech, he had founded one of the biggest companies in the United States that provided solutions for state governments, Saber Corp. The growth that this company experienced before Nitin Khanna made the decision to sell was recognized multiple times in 2006 and 2007. This high level of growth was able to attract the attention of investors which eventually allowed him to sell the company for significantly more than it had previously been valued at. At 17 years old, he moved to the United States. He earned his education in Portland at Purdue University where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s in Engineering.

    Nitin Khanna has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, philanthropy, and creativity throughout his career which is what has helped him make it in the world of business. During his childhood in India, he spent a lot of time in boarding schools. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and had their values instilled in him from a young age. He has always had an interest in technology and was even working on a Ph.D. in robotics before making the decision to stop his education and start his career. When his brother moved to the United States in 1999, they made the decision to start their own business together which led to the founding of Saber Corp.

    When working with a company, Nitin Khanna works to help them build a strong strategy for their business that allows for growth. He insists that one of the most important things that you can do for a company is to make sure that you have the right people on your team. He is still working with his brother today at Mergertech and the 2 have managed to form a great team. While Nitin Khanna focuses on making sales at the company, his brother is much more operational minded and able to handle those parts of the company. While Nitin Khanna has managed to get better at this part of business, he still enjoys focusing on people and growth.

    Connect with Khanna here https://twitter.com/n_khanna?lang=en

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    When Wes Edens founded Fortress Investment Group, he had a lot of plans for the company. He knew the right direction to take it so it would grow and that’s what pushed him to make the most out of it. While he focused on how he could make Fortress one of the best investment firms, he found that specializing in global investment strategies was one of the easiest ways he could help people have a better understanding of why he did the things he did. It also made him want to help even more people with the issues they faced and with the way he was doing everything for the company. By focusing on these options and using his accomplishments to make the company even better, the founder was able to help make Fortress Investment Group the best business he knew how to create. It led to more people using the company and others learning a lot more about it. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at indeed.com

    After Fortress Investment Group grew, more people saw it as something they could use to make their own investments a possibility. People wanted to use Fortress because they knew the company would keep getting better and would invest their money the right way. They also saw the pattern the company had and that’s what allowed them to hope for growth in the future. Everything the company did was important to clients and the employees had a lot of expectations they had to live up to so they wouldn’t have to make things harder for others.

    The time Fortress Investment Group spent growing was a necessary part of the way the business worked. It was also something people liked doing because they knew how the company would keep getting better in the future. Now that the company was acquired by Softbank, they’re going to grow even more. The company has plans to help more people and to offer even more career opportunities in the future. It’s important to them to hire people who know what they’re doing and who have experience in the industry they can use to make sure they’re helping the clients.

    Check out: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=666715


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    Innovation is the foundation of success around the globe. For them to compete in the marketplace, businesses and individuals strive at staying ahead of the game. From emerging technologies and financial strategies to the latest healthcare developments, one would be surprised by the factors coming into play for a firm to success today.


    The financial market is undergoing massive changes which have led to the entire industry facing credibility and capital problems. These issues have left many startups and established firms searching for capital funds for their expansion. Getting loans has become more robust. As a result, there are third-party firms that offer financial help to firms that seek such assistance. Madison Street Capital is one of them, and it provides help to transparent firms seeking financial support. Recently, the company offered its services to Sachs Capital Group when it advised on Sachs’ purchase of RMG Networks.


    Having issued its clients with advisory services across different industries, Madison comprehends that every customer is unique, hence demanding precise and careful analysis and recommendations. The company believes in building strong ties with businesses and communities around the United States for the nation’s economic development. Founded in the year 2005, as a market investment banking company, the fixed issues various financial services, which comprise of corporate advisory, financial report valuations and economic standpoints for middle-market firms. The company strives at issuing its clientele with the best mergers and acquisition advice and help clients determine the real value of companies that interest them.


    Madison Street Capital reputation and administration ,Being led by Barry Petersen, Madison recently advised Sachs Capital Group regarding its RMG Network’s take-private. Virgo Capital and credit issuer Merion Investment Partners were the transaction’s financiers. The deal was successful, with Sachs Capital Group’s CEO indicating that Madison’s role in the process was vital to the success. RMG Networks subsequently financially benefitted from the entire transaction with its shareholders receiving $1.29 in cash per share leading to a closure of RMG stocks trading on NASDAQ as from 28th September 2018.


    With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and offices around the world, RMG Networks is a communication firm that goes beyond the traditional forms of communication to assist companies to expand productivity and improve engagement and efficiency by digital messaging. The firm issues media hardware, services and software to approximately half of the Fortune 100. This consist of high-end software, business applications, equipment, and services, the firm presents accountability for real-time performance and management and integrated data visualization.


    Sachs Capital Group is a sophisticated firm that presents flexible and non-controlling and controlling capital to successful companies. The firm believes in long-term appreciation of cash with controlled financial and operating risks. Its primary focus lies on quality management, bona fide corporate management, valuation, and business fundamentals.


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    When people are spending a lot of money, it means that the economy is doing well. Now that we are in the fourth quarter, it is that time of the years that people are making crazy investments. Spending in recent years has moved to online. In the past five years, online shopping sales have increased by 76 percent. When it comes to these new investments idea, one needs to look at the ones that are promising. Some stocks will perform well and others will not. There is a shift in the market as many consumers are now moving to online stores. Businesses which do not offer online services are facing huge problems. As online shopping grows faster, so are the popular businesses which support such services.

    Paul Mampilly is an expert on investments. He has worked in the Wall Street for 25 years and therefore understands the industry very well. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Paul Mampilly is projecting that the S&P 500 companies will be the highest gainers. It is expected that they will grow by six percent. This is going to be the highest gain ever. Five years ago, growth was 2.3 percent. If you are an investor looking for an investment opportunity to invest your money, the best place to go to should be in the S&P 500 companies. The spending among the consumers is rising, and the sentiments are also high. Online shopping is expected to take a massive chunk of the spending.

    Paul Mampilly is recommending EFT (exchange-traded fund) as one of the best places for investors. This system allows investors to invest in up to 22 different companies.Currently, the economy is growing significantly. The economy is doing well, and the unemployment percent is at its lowest ever. There is growing confidence in the country and consumers are expecting their financial status to keep on getting better. In the last quarter of 2017, there was only a 5 percent increase in retail spending.Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor who would like to use the information he has to make a difference in the lives of the people. He is ready to mentor Americans and show them the right direction. Mampilly has been doing very well in ensuring that the American investors are educated.

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    “Freedom Checks” are one of the new thing s that has gained a lot of recognition in the media. The checks are similar to the government tax refund check that a person gets. Many viewers have seen the ads as some sought of scam projects as they appear to be too good to be true. Perhaps the instinct is contributed by the way the ads are made in a sensational and a much exciting way. To many people, the government writing its citizen checks for no reason looks like an impossible thing. However, the confusion that is seen in the “freedom checks” is as a result of poor understanding about the matter.

    The new tax plan that was passed will see the American taxpayers have their banks accounts fattened with over 34.6 billion dollars. The freedom checks will be as a result of the investment that one continues to make. The checks that were introduced by Matt Badiali to the world in the form of a video, explaining on how everyone can benefit from the checks despite their age, the amount that a person makes or even the money one has in their accounts. The freedom checks program as Badiali puts are the next level cash grab in history.

    To be able to take part in the program, the 90% of the company’s revenue must be from storage, transportation, production and the processing of natural resources. When your company fits the given description, it also needs to distribute its revenue to the stakeholders in Freedom checks. With as little as ten dollars, anyone can become a stakeholder. The program is nowhere close to being compared to Medicare or social security. The plan is open for people of all ages, and the payouts are projected to be more than those from the Social Security. Matt Badiali is trying to help people take this opportunity through the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) that he is introducing to the public. The MLP’s enables investors to enjoy tax benefits and cash flows like it should be in partnerships. All that needed is for a person to buy shares from an MLP and enjoy these benefits.

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    Peter Briger is the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fortress Investment Group. Peter is ranked number three hundred and seventeen on the Forbes four hundred list. He has an estimated net worth of one and a half billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group had a public offering that allowed Peter Briger to become a billionaire. Briger is from New York. He his associates degree from the Princeton University, and studied Arts and Science while at Princeton. Briger got his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.Fortress Investment Group is an active asset management company.

    Wesley Edens and Michael Novogratz also became wealthy after the public offering of the Fortress Investment Group. Briger joined the firm four years after it was founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens,Robert Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Edens was a former partner at the Investment bank Lehman Brothers, which no longer exists.The firm has private equity services, hedge fund services, and real estate management. These three divisions of the firm manage around forty three billion dollars. Kaufman and Nardone are wealthy, although they are not on the Forbes Billionaire list, since Fortress Investment Group is down since the public offering.

    Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs, and became a partner at the firm, before coming to Fortress Investment Group. He oversees the hybrid hedge fund of Fortress Investment Group. He is forty three years old, and is married with four children.Fortress Investment Group is one of the first alternative asset management companies to go public in the United States, and Peter Briger is credited with helping to make that happen. He learned a lot about Real Estate investing and trading while at Goldman Sachs, and this is partially what allowed him to take the Fortress Investment Group to a new level of success.Learn More.

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    Anthony Petrello: A Man with great Drive & Ambition:

    Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries has become a powerful organization within the oil and drilling industry. Actually, Nabors Industries is one of the top land based drilling company within the entire world.

    Anthony Petrello worked very hard to make the organization a complete success. Mr. Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors Industries since the early 1990’s. Nabors Industries continues to provide a variety of career opportunities for a variety of people from different industries.

    Anthony Petrello attended some of the best Ivy League schools. Petrello attended Yale University as an undergraduate. In addition, Anthony Petrello obtained a Law Degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. Mr. Petrello also serves on a variety of different boards such as Stewart Stevenson and Texas Children’s Hospital.

    *Strong Supporter of Medical Research:

    Anthony Petrello and wife Cindy made a very generous donation to Children’s Hospital in excess of $7 Million dollars. The Petrello’s 8 year old daughter was born with a serious neurological disorder. However, it seems that this little girl is progressing very well considering her medical problems. Anthony Petrello and wife Cindy refer to their little girl as their “True Miracle”.

    The drive to serve on various boards stemmed from the fact that Anthony Petrello has a daughter that was born with a medical problems. In addition, Petrello has donated large sums to assist Neurological Research studies.

    Anthony Petrello is certainly a man with great drive and ambition. In addition, Mr. Petrello is a person who truly believes on giving back and helping the less fortunate. Petrello is a man with a great many passions. In addition, Anthony Petrello is always looking for ways to sharpen his business expertise so that others can ultimately benefit.

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    There are two widely recognized functions of investment banks: trading and generation of capital. These functions are distinct from the role of commercial banks that take deposits and create loans. Investment banks are valuable agents of capital development and price setting. They also assist in the management of current and future consumption. In modern mixed economies, large corporations and governments depend on investment banks to generate capital. The banks specialize in creating an avenue through which producers can trade with investors.

    Brief history of the investment banking of the United States

    While the role of commercial and investment banks are distinct and clear across the globe, the distinction between these two forms of banking has a strong meaning in the U.S. than other parts of the world. The U.S. Congress imposed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1933. One of the clauses of the Act formed a legal difference between the running of commercial bank and investment bank. Furthermore, one company could not be allowed to hold both commercial and investment banks. The act prevented investment banks from accepting deposits or making loans. Commercial institutions could not invest in securities in the U.S. In 1999; the Congress passed another law called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which eased the barriers. The United States goes to history books as the only nation to have ever created a legal distinction between commercial and investment banking.

    Martin Lustgarten

    Martin Lustgarten is one of the greatest minds in the circles of investment banking. He has been dealing with individual and organizational clients. Formerly, Lustgarten held citizenship of Austria and Venezuela. He took advantage of his dual citizenship to expand his investment banking empire in those two nations. He has been consistently advising his clients to spread their investments across distinct sectors. Lustgarten is a global investor. Therefore, he benefits from both local and international growth.

    Lustgarten has managed to establish a pool of loyal investors who rely on his services. His deep-rooted mastery of investment banking and his tendency to observe the market keenly, allows him to make an adjustment when a market is nearly making a downturn. Lustgarten is the founding director of the Miami-headquartered Lustgarten Martin Investment Banking.



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