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    By his own admission, renowned stock trader Greg Secker has rushed through the first part of his life, and his extensive list of accomplishments reflects his dashing pace. Originally a trader for Thomas Cook, he soon assumed the helm of Virtual Trading Desk, a first-in-the-world kind of company and then was tapped to served as a Vice President at Mellon Financial in its heyday. Soon after, Greg struck out on his own and started his own company to fulfill a passion: teaching others how to trade. Learn to Trade has instructed hundreds of thousands of individuals all across the world in both the basics and finer points of stock, commodity, and currency trading. Where once he traded from home for amusement, now Greg empowers ready learners to be successful in their own right.

    Anyone who has achieved millionaire status (multiple times) before they’re 30 years old ought to be listened to for at least a day or two. By all accounts, Greg Secker is well-versed in the trading world and can convey that knowledge in such a way as to make it easier for listeners to comprehend. His Learn to Trade seminars aren’t a hard-sell workshop, but rather a multi-day dive into trading fundamentals, money management, trading psychology and more. Learn to Trade has been hailed at the top trade-teaching company in Europe and received multiple awards at numerous trade gatherings. Attendees have consistently had good things to say both about the content of the seminars and also about Greg Secker himself. Greg’s experience running Virtual Trading Desk–the first Forex real-time trading platform–has kept him on the cutting edge of Forex trading and also grants him an excellence vantage point from which to train his students.

    While Greg Secker has a plethora of reasons to be proud of his accomplishments, his humility and passion always shine through the awards and accolades he has received. In interviews, bio pages and Facebook posts, Greg makes it clear he is proudest of one title: Dad. A devoted father, Greg always tops his priorities with his family.

    For more information, visit http://www.gregsecker.com/ or https://www.learntotrade.co.uk/



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