• 21Nov

    Rocketship Education is a national non-profit making group of public elementary schools which serve low-income communities that have limited access to good schools. Established in 2006, Rocketship is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eradicate the gap of achievement through creating a scalable and maintainable school model that drives the accomplishments of students in underprivileged communities throughout the country.

    The heart of Rocketship’s school model is an instructor-led, technology reinforced technique to personalized learning that suits every student using the right content at the right time using the right approach to instruction. Through engaging parents entirely in the school community and the learning of the students, Rocketship nurtures parents who become long-term advocates for their community and most importantly their children. By working alongside community organizations, districts, parents, and other similar schools, Rocketship is facilitating a movement to remove the achievement gap in the future.

    Rocketship started its first school ten years ago in California in a church known as San Jose. Although the organization has made an incredible impact in the communities they serve, Rocketship is still evolving. The corporation is learning how to help their students and communities better.

    According to Rocketship custom learning begins at home. As the pioneers of personalized education, the organization remains devoted to incorporate technology to boost student learning and enhance student agency. Customized learning involves a deep understanding of the unique interests and needs of each student and family. However, to transform the learning system, there’s a need for more demand.

    Creating a culture of limitless learning may sound good, but it does not work for everyone. Not every teacher wants an instructor in the classroom each week. Some may feel like they are being judged every time and burn out fast. Rocketship has learned this lesson in a hard way, and in the course of time, they have improved their hiring procedures to get educators whose mindsets match their model perfectly. Teachers who succeed at Rocketship are determined learners who adopt feedback and strive continuously to master their practice, irrespective of the length of their experience in teaching. By adjusting their hiring procedures to assess the mindset along the skill, Rocketship is strengthening their adult culture and enhancing the outcomes of the student.



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