• 29Dec

    Fresh Pet Inc made the news this week when their CEO, Richard Thompson picked up a can of their product to show the freshness. Things got a little crazy when the chief of manufacturing, Michael Hieger popped one of the cans of food into his mouth. He exclaimed that it tasted as good as thanksgiving dinner. While the debate about dog food and health conscious pet foods continues, some feel their products are so good humans cannot tell he difference. We live in a very different time when people are so conscious about what they feed their animals. Gone are the days when fillers and byproducts were all that was in a bag of dog food. Today’s animal lover wants nutrition and whole grains to ensure their pets health. Since the pet food industry is a $23.7 billion dollar per year business, it pays to do it right. One company that seems to have mastered giving the dogs what they want and their pet parents the same is Purina’s Beneful. Though they weren’t mentioned in the article by The Daily Herald, they should be acknowledged for the great food they create for dogs. Beneful is owned by the Nestle Company and run under the Purina label. Purina has been making food since 1894. It started out with the name of Purina Mills, then later was bought out and became the Purina Ralston Company. In 2001, it changed hands again and merged with Nestle moving their headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri. Beneful is their natural food line that was created in 2001 during the merger. It was an attempt to bring some of the good quality that Nestle is known for into their pet food line. The result was successful, as Beneful makes treats, hard dog foods and home-style meals for pets. They are known for putting great nutrition into each item they create. The company has gone public with their campaigns to improve the health of dogs around the world. One bag at a time, Purina’s Beneful line continues to roll out delicious foods that dogs love and parents approve.



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