• 24Feb

    Family is important and our pets are family too. It’s no wonder that there has been so much research into healthier foods for our beloved four legged family members. Companies all across the globe are changing the way that they make their dog food. They are looking into ways to use more fresh ingredients, less artificial flavors, and to truly pay attention to what vets are saying about animals and their dietary needs.

    This holds true for Beneful as well. Their research and development team has been out there looking to make sure that Beneful offers the best it can for your precious animals. They are developing special foods that are specific to your dogs needs. Whether you have a new puppy that’s just starting it’s long life or an older dog that needs a little more help here and there, Beneful has got you covered.

    From Purinastore’s Beneful “Healthy Puppy” to their ever popular “Playful Life” they are putting everything they can into creating amazing foods for your animals. They use fresh ingredients like beef, salmon, chicken, and vegetables to insure that your special four legged friend is getting everything that need and a taste that they will love! Beneful gives you and your pet the assurance that they will be healthy for years on in without breaking your bank.

    With all the small companies that are coming out with designer dog foods that are kept in the refrigerator and claim to taste so good that you’d eat it, isn’t it nice to know that there are companies out there who are still keeping your pet in mind more than they are concerned with selling you something that you would want to eat?




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