• 26Nov

    Healthcare is a sector that is faced with various problems that must be addressed to ensure patients receive best services. However, things are now changing thanks to technological advancement. Most people think they are okay and they are not concerned with screening which is crucial. Some entrepreneurs have tried to invent ways to solve the issues in the industry. One entrepreneur who has made a difference in the field is Drew Madden. He is renowned for being passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). His passion for EMR has enabled him to achieve a lot in the healthcare IT sector. He is also experienced having worked for some of the best consulting firms like Nordic Consulting Partners.

    He began his career as an IT expert, and he knew he would achieve great things throughout his career. But when he started working in the IT department in a healthcare company, he discovered a few things that were wrong and worked hard to change them. At the company, he displayed excellent leadership skills and soon he was promoted. While working here, he discovered many areas in the sector that needed to be improved. Drew is an entrepreneur who is always after trying to solve the problems experienced by others.

    When it comes to the healthcare industry, preventive care is crucial. Preventing a particular illness is not as expensive as trying to cure a sick person. That is why Drew thinks that it is essential to use advanced technology to discover illnesses when they are at early stages. But many people are not willing to visit a doctor for a medical checkup. The use of wearable technology can solve such a problem in the healthcare industry. Many people do not have a problem wearing a device that can monitor their health status. If you discover you have health issues Drew works with a team of talented professionals, who are always ready to help.

    Although Drew Madden has contributed a lot to the development of healthcare IT, he still believes there is a lot to be done. He will continue serving customers and giving his best advice.



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