• 16Jun

    The US Money Reserve was started in 2001 and is now the world’s largest private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and platinum. They are legal, and their trade transactions in their business are very safe for the clients. US Money Reserves have clients basically in the US, and they aim at diversifying their assets with precious element metals.

    The show is about to be started that is going to take 28 minutes, and the plans for starting it are complete. The show will be shot at the 2016 Gold Summit in L.A California with the moderator being Larry King, and the guest will be Michael Reagan, the son of the former president.

    The three panelists from the US Money Reserve in the program will be telling on the benefits of owning gold as an individual. Lessons will be mostly on the volatility of the present financial market, dollar, buying power and then the world events that affect the prices of gold.

    The three-panel members are well-established experts in the financial sector who can be relied on in matters of investments. Other members include Philip Diehl, the President in the US Money Reserve and the Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). John Rothans is the Master Numismatist at the US Money Reserve and Brad Castillo the former Vice President of Sales in US Money Reserve.

    In the event, there will be a showcase of the firm’s hard work in mostly the production sector and the talent that they have. Larry King is going to be featured, and he will moderate proceedings as the panelists will be talking about the crucial topic of using precious stones/ precious metals as savings.

    Michael Reagan will be of value to the panelists with his vast knowledge on the theme being discussed. The relationship between Larry King and Michael will make the program attractive with the two showing their friendship and hosting as well.

    The firm has had trust among the clients, and they have given them the best guidance in purchasing the metals. The customers are benefiting from it and can choose coins that can afford the highest value.

    People working at US Reserves are trained well so that they specially handle clients and ensure customer satisfaction. The financial status of the clients will be maintained if not uplifted. The value of the precious metal will rise always.



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