• 12Dec

    EOS lip balm was not an overnight success but definitely grew incredibly quickly beating out all of it’s other competitors in lip care in just a very short period of time. How did this happen? Founders Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra had a collective background in brand packaging, and in small startups. Their combined background and an ability to see a niche in the market they felt was lacking led to their brainstorm product and inevitable success, Evolution of Smooth lip balms.

    Tapping into the market and discovering that women were the primary users of every day routine lip balm was the first step. They gained insight by asking the women what they wanted out of the product and delivering creative solutions. The resulting product was easy to apply, easy to open, satisfying to close with it’s twist and soft click, it tasted good, smelled good and was all natural. It was a winner.

    This product has been so successful on it’s own that the company had no need for marketing mania. Famous celebrities who were already being photographed all the time were spotted using EOS products in public, as they pulled them out and hydrated their lips as a part of their several time a day practice. These celebrities already had a mainstream following on Facebook and other social media platforms allowing the product to market itself. When it came time to market the brand actively, EOS used it’s already present social cues and put it in the hands of famous music stars to make it’s natural progression. Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift have marketed the product here in the states and overseas in Asia.

    For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

    To learn more about EOS and how they succeeded in a century-old industry, read their full interview at https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick.




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