• 25May

    OSI Food Solutions offers some of the world’s highest reputed services in food production. Every time customers buy food at fast food joints; chances are that OSI Food produced the food. The company has grown since its inception to over 65 facilities in more than 15 countries across the globe. The company also employs over twenty thousand people in all its branches. When it started, the company was just a meat market in Oak Park. In 1909, the company was founded, and despite growing to be one of the leading food processors in the world, the company still has its headquarters in Oak Park. The company went through a bumpy couple of years with shifts in locations but was soon to be one of the fastest growing companies in the area.

    With time, the company earned a good reputation for providing some of the highest quality meats. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened a franchise in Illinois based on a concept that had originated from two Irish brothers. The restaurant Ray Kroc created was named McDonalds. The newly opened restaurant then contracted OSI Food Solutions then known as Otto & Sons to supply ground beef. In 1973, OSI Food Solutions had opened a bigger plant to produce larger volumes of meat per day. Over the next few years, OSI Food Solutions made several partnerships that played a key role in its success. The partnerships led to the company’s expansion to a different location in the country and across the world.

    The company expanded into China in 2002 by creating OSI China Beijing. The company’s services can be used by restaurants to aid in the creation of value-added foods that would be better received by their customers. Over the last few years, fast food restaurants have received great reception in the market. Many people prefer to eat refined food as they taste better and offer greater value for money. Fast foods are also cheaper and easier to prepare. These factors are major contributors to the success of OSI Food Solutions and McDonalds. OSI Food is set on a path to ultimate success as their services remain unmatched.

  • 07Nov

    OSI Group, the leading food production company in the world is a company on rapid growth. It is one of the companies that has transformed its operations to fit the needs of the customers. The main goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of the customers since they form the backbone of the business. The company has emphasized food safety and the use of sustainable means of production as they aim for a total takeover of operations in the whole world. Already they are the main food producer in 17 countries where they have built food production plants. The company specializes in meat products such as pork, beef, and chicken. Read more about OSI Goup McDonalds at Crunchbase

    OSI Group started its rapid growth in the middle of the past century. A deal between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s was enough to keep the company’s operation on high gear. McDonald’s had just opened their first restaurant in Illinois and were in need of suppliers. Otto & Sons was a wholesale meat business in the area that was being led by Arthur and Harry, two sons of the founder Otto Kolschowsky. Before we had OSI Group, it started as Otto & Sons. It was only the 1970s that this company changed its name.

    The OSI Group McDonalds deal was one that brought very many changes in the food industry. McDonald’s gained growth momentum after a short time, forcing its supplier to produce more. As demand went up, Otto& Sons was required to increase its operations and production capacity to meet the high demand. They were even forced to split the business into two. One part was left as a supplier for the OSI Group McDonalds deal.

    OSI Group McDonalds has continued to be a partnership that works even today. OSI has remained a trusted supplier to the McDonalds due to the measures they have put in place to facilitate smooth supply as well as ensuring that food safety is intact. OSI Group McDonalds is a deal that has transformed the food industry by making it possible for consumers to enjoy food products that are carefully produced. The success story of the OSI Group can therefore never be complete without the input of the McDonalds. Visit: http://inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/



  • 20Jul

    OSI Group Expands Its Horizons through Technology

    It is factual that expanding your business to serve the international clientele is pretty rewarding. Thanks to the onset of technological advancements, it enables you to expand your small business and create a significant global impact. With that said OSI Group is one such company that has come a long way to expand its horizons. Today, it has major clients across different states and cities. This is all because of the technological advancements in the past.


    The beginning of OSI Group dated to the 20th century when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago as a German immigrant. He arrived in Chicago and set the trend in the business world. Because the thriving city was a hub of many businesses, Mr. Kolschowsky thought that a company in the same town would work to his advantage. It turns out that he was right because when he launched a small butcher in Chicago, it picked up. Otto & Sons were the names of the company in the beginning.

    The Growth

    During The First World War, Otto’s business flourished thereby attracting more clients from different cities. At the same time, he expanded the business to a wholesale that included moving the firm’s operations to Maywood. The next decade saw to it that the business was well aligned with the current needs of the clients. The rebranding was one of the needs that followed the family business. As such, Otto needed a supportive finance executive that would help. But before that, the onset of technology played a pivotal role in growing the company.

    Development and Technology Use

    For decades, Otto and his sons continued to grow the business by launching a new branch in a different city. With the help of the likes of McDonald’s who contracted the company to be the major supplier of food, Otto and Sons were now able to acquire a new name. OSI Group it was. Perhaps the group aspect of the name came from the fact that the business had a couple of branches in different cities.

    The Observation

    Today, OSI Group is the proud supplier of high-quality food to different clients locally and internationally. Thanks to the rise in technological use, the company has launched branches in China and other parts of the world.

  • 06Apr

    There are many food production companies I the world, few can compare to the longstanding champion of OSI Group. OSI Group has recently been named as one of the top 100 food production companies in the world. This is no small achievement. The company has achieved this measure of success by staying with their customer base and keeping ahead of their competition. The standards of production that they hold themselves to would be considered tough to meet for some companies, but OSI Group has made it their mission since the beginning to be the best. They value their customers’ safety and will stop at nothing to see them healthy and happy. The meat products that they produce feed more than half the world and they are increasing their production capacity every day.

    OSI Group started as a family business in 1909. A father opened a butcher shop and meat market in hopes of providing for his family. He wanted them to achieve the American Dream. More than a hundred years later, it is still dedicated to that father’s mission. OSI Group has grown to include multiple companies in the food production industry and they have production plants across the entire world. Their factories in Spain and Europe are some of the best facilities in the world and the largest factory can be found in Chicago. Recently, they have made renovations to many of the factories and the owners of their subsidiaries have stated that they are happy to be under the umbrella of OSI Group. The company is like a family.

    OSI Group is growing along with the demand for chicken, beef, and pork. These industries are growing in demand every year as the population of the word changes its diet. There are health concerns that cause people to change what they eat and OSI addresses the public by providing them with the proper nutrition they need. The public safety and health are OSI Group’s main concerns. They provide their products to clients in schools, hospitals, and fast food restaurants. The premium quality that they produce is reflected ion the steady growth of demand they see every year.

    OSI Group info: www.mapquest.com/us/illinois/osi-industries-llc-7716434

  • 20Mar

    In almost every industry, people can find a leader and innovator who defines the entire industry advancements and growth. The innovators set themselves by example and stand apart from others in the same industry. While considering the food processing sector, OSI Group defines the movements of the industry with its aggressive growth strategies and innovation. Interestingly, it is a food and meat processing firm with more than a hundred years of unique service in the industry. The growth strategy and innovation of the company can be defined as a two-step process: its expansion plans across the world and acquisition plans to bring diversity into the group.

    In the early 1980s, OSI Group only had the presence in North America. Later, it started quick expansion plans that saw the firm creating its branches across the globe. Today, it has operations in at least 17 major economies around the world and operates nearly 65 facilities to ensure uninterrupted supply of its product lines. Interestingly, it offers a wide range of products including hot dogs, bacon, meat patties, poultry, fish, pork, pizza, dough products, and vegetable products. The firm is one of the regular suppliers of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, and more.

    While coming to the acquisition strategy, the firm began the efforts from the late 1990s. It completed numerous transactions in all the major countries it is operating. One of the latest acquisitions includes the purchase of Baho Food, a food processing firm based in the Netherlands. The acquisition took place in mid of 2016, and Baho was operating in at least 18 countries by its five subsidiary firms at the time of acquisition. Interestingly, the acquisition ensured that the OSI Group is significantly expanding its presence in the European region. Apart from that, the transaction also helped the firm to diversify the product portfolio from it – one of the major goals of the firm.

    Another major purchase during those days by OSI Group was the acquisition of a food processing plant owned by Tyson Food Plant, one of the leading food processing firms in the United States. The plant was established in Chicago, and it was a 200,000 square feet facility with an added storage warehouse. Interestingly, the deal helped the firm to ensure infrastructure support for its business growth in the country. The firm won numerous awards and accolades in the past for its highest quality services in the industry, including the British Safety Council Award 2016 for excellent management of different types of environmental risks.




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