• 02Feb

    Doe Deere well known for her fashion and inspiration tricks have been in the limelight as a proof that not only is she beautiful but she can do a lot with beauty and brains. Doe is the founder of Lime Crime Company, and she has been in the field since she developed an interest in make-up at the age of 9. Her inspiration grew as she created an account on eBay named lime crime and later initiated a company in 2008. Her effort lies from her hard work and determination, and she is also interested in bright colors which she says are hard to come across to.

    She has succeeded in encouraging many women and empowering them in businesses and entrepreneurship ability especially from making appeals with good makeup. Sometimes breaking rules creates good suggestions which are certainly helpful in starting out and are not binding too. Doe from her interaction with fashion encourages women to stay out of the ordinary and try to break some fashion rules. She has been in the unicorn and a known expert in colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics, teal lipsticks and glittery cosmetics. Doe encourages women to break fashion rules and try something out of the formality of styles.

    A rule like don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip sometimes is not what would excite a woman’s heart. Maybe take something else like some vibrant blue lipstick, or Venus eye shadow palette with cry baby, or blue milk eyeliner with rusty reds Venus eye shadow. Mix matching the colors will create some excitement and break the monotony too. The rule of not mixing so many colors according to Doe how much is too the instincts will tell ‘how much is much’ not the rule. It’s beautiful to try out many colors this has been the secret behind Doe’s success with Lime Crime.

    There are also other rules such as; avoid so many patterns or don’t wear socks with open shoes or heels. Those patterns could be your comfort, those socks you can rock an outfit during winter and still make an impression. You will not need to throw your heels away; showing a little bit of different color down your hills is amazing. Doe confesses to having more than 200 different pairs of socks and leggings. Her success can be owed to her being a fashion risk taker. She confesses to being the worst in makeup since when she was age nine until her twenties when she learned how to do it right. She has also been in the company of theatrical professions who helped her get more interest in the field. Ladies should trust their makeup choice sometimes rules make life boring, the need to grow the courage to try out new things and colors too.

  • 23Nov

    Born in East Liverpool, Susan Mc Galla is an American business woman who is from Pittsburg. She is described as a woman with an iron fist because she has excelled in what is considered a man’s world. Ms. Mc Galla attributes this to growing up with two elder brothers and her father, who was a local football coach and treated her not differently from her brothers. She also says that her folks usually encouraged to be open about her ideas and not to be shy despite the audience she would face. This has made her super confident and to be herself amongst men and women. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Mount Union College majoring in business and marketing. This has greatly helped her in forming a strong career in the field. She is married to an American wealth manager by the name Stephen Mc Galla. She is an executive business consultant who has served various American companies in different positions. Starting her career at the Joseph Horne Company, she worked from 1986 to 1994. She later joined American Eagle Outfitter where she is best known for. She had various positions at the company before rising to the ranks of being president and CEO. During her tenure, she saw the company’s portfolio on wikinvest rise and introduced over 77 brands of kids clothing and helping the company’s revenue to $3 billion. She had been actively involved in marketing the active wear company and even once wore jeans while leading a teen campaign to move the company’s headquarters. She has international recognition and has been approached, not once for applications of being named as a woman business leader. She left the company in 2009 and had worked for Wet Seal where she also greatly impacted the company by introducing new audiences and creating new clothing brands. She started her executive consulting company, P3, which has done consulting services for top industry leaders and organizations around America. The company offers executive consultancy din the fashion industry. Being the most sought after consultant in the retail industry, she is dedicated professional who has gained a wide experience and is much flexible in the industry. She also has great passion in growing her company. Her character strength is what she says has moved her. She is a strong believer in women strength and has been in the frontline to empower young women in excelling in different fields. She points out at issues like confidence and getting the education at the way women can achieve their goals. Ms. Mc Galla currently sits on the board of the publicly traded real estate company, HFF Inc. she also is the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. As a woman leader with much experience and resources, she was appointed to the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. At the University of Pittsburgh, she is on the board of trustees as well as a council member for the university’s cancer institute.



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