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    A lot of people are now more aware of the state of global warming. There are a lot of greener alternatives to a lot of things, including energy electricity. Agera Energy is one of the leading providers of energy from renewable clean resources. In addition, its energy-saving services provide its customers with more energy-saving options in their homes. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

    Agera Energy operates in 50 states, which means that the service is widely available all over the country. In addition, the company has 83 utilities that produce electricity as well as natural gas. Currently, the number of their customer base is in 1.8 million, with 600,000 new contracts added in the past three years. The figure is expected to grow in the future. The company also offers customized energy plans which so that businesses with less demand for electricity can save.

    There are also residential plans available all over the country. Agera Energy’s emphasis on great customer service is apparent in its services available. When planning to get a residential plan, prospective consumers can view the rate plan options for electricity and natural gas at once. It is easy to enroll, with green energy options available from the start.

    Learn: https://medium.com/@ageraenergy

    The company’s electric supply is provided across the country with affordable energy plans. Electricity is gathered using a low cost and simple Pure Wind, which is gathered in the wind farms operating across the country. Turbine solutions help in reducing the CO2 being released in the atmosphere from the coal-heated electricity power source.

    Agera Energy also offers LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial customers. LED lighting solutions help in reducing energy consumption by enabling its customers to customize their lighting brightness. In addition, this LED solution will be installed without additional fees and is proven to lower the energy cost by 20%. This also decreases the time and cost spent on maintenance.

    Because of its commitment to providing cleaner energy and making it available to the world, the Westchester Green Business Council awarded Agera Company the Green Business Certificate. This certificate proves that the company’s effort for greener energy has met the high standard of the council. Read more about Agera Energy at crunchbase.com.



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