• 30Jan

    This will give information around a group called “End Citizens United”. Recently, in Houston, Pennsylvania a Democrat named Conor Lamb had ran to represent a Congressional district. Lamb was being interviewed by a reporter a ninety-three-year-old veteran who was wearing a World War II cap came up to shake Lamb’s hand. Lamb had thanked the veteran named Ted Skowvron for serving the country and asked him where he had served.

    Lamb was informed by him that he was on a B-17 as a ball gunner in the European theater. But, he more wanted to talk about the current President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Skowvron had a bigger interest in having the President lose the special election. It should not be an issue for the Republicans to hold on to the district. Lamb has a hope that there are a good number of voters like Skowvron who will assist him in scoring another Democrat upset victory. This could on March 13th flip a GOP-held seat for the March 13th special election. Lamb will be competing in the race with a former military intelligence officer and state representative Republican Rick Saccone.

    On January 17th 2018, an organization which is a national liberal PAC End Citizens United announced that they had endorsed Lamb. $600,000 had been raised to elected Doug Jones an Alabama Democrat. However, we are unaware on how much they want to spend for Lamb. Recently, Rick Saccone has changed the airwaves. This was in the early days which had all lead up to the special election in the 18th Congressional District. He did this from ads by spending groups from the outside. Lamb wants to use that advantage over Mr. Saccone with that endorsement from End Citizens United.

    That organization got its name after a Supreme Court decision from 2010. That decision lifted political spending limits by corporations and closely related groups. The group draws on a national network that is composed of separate supporters to channel a contribution of small money. They were also the first to take Lamb’s side that was a big-ticket national group.

    End Citizens United was formed in 2015 on March 1st. This is a type of Political Action Committee where grass root donors fund. One component of their mission is to fix the political system they have that is rigged. One way they work toward is by electing candidates with pro-reform.



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