• 13Apr

    In April of 2016, Fabletics announced the creation of its new line of swimwear for women. As reported in Elite Daily, Fabletics is actress Kate Hudson’s successful brand of active wear for women. The swimsuits come in sizes XXS to XXL. There are many chic and sporty motifs like tropical, tribal and nautical designs.Fabletics is also adding a line of matching or complementary dresses, so you can get complete swimsuit ensembles.

    Kate Hudson started Fabletics in 2013 under the JustFab banner of clothing. The brand is designed to compete with sportswear labels like Nike and Lululemon.In addition to the new swimwear, Fabletics offers a big selection of athletic wear. Examples include Capri pants, tops and sports bras. Accessories for the outfits are available as well. The company’s products are environmentally friendly. Fabrics incorporate protection from ultraviolet (UV0 rays. The clothing is made from recycled fabrics.

    Fabletics is a digital store, meaning its cloths are advertised and sold online. This is also a subscription retailer, and may be a new experience for some shoppers. Here’s how it works – http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm. Sign up and subscribe online. You pay $25 for the first month. This is an introductory discount. Every month after that, you pay $49.95.
    Suppose you pick out a swimsuit and complementary dress one month and the price comes to $40. After you deduct this amount from your $49.95 monthly subscription, there is $2.95 left over. This carries over as a credit to the next month. Most swimsuit outfits and ensembles are under $50, so this amounts to getting an outfit each month.

    On their Twitter handle(https://twitter.com/fabletics), it says you can skip a month if you wish. There will be times when you accumulate some credit from past months. When this happens, you can go on a bit of a spending spree.Budgeting for cloths becomes easy and you are assured of a steady flow of new, fashionable active wear in Fabletics.



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