• 17Oct

    Building a positive community within the classroom can be a struggle, but with the help of Class Dojo, this task just got easier. Let’s find out how adding this communication platform works to build a positive enviornment for teachers and students alike.


    Launched in the summer of 2011, Class Dojo works to build not only positive classroom environments but to improve communications between teachers, students and parents. This platform helps students find a voice by allowing them to showcase their skills, by adding photos and videos to their personal portfolios. These shared moments give parents a peak into their child’s day.


    So, what is Class Dojo? It’s a communication that platform that encourages students to make better choices by rewarding them when they demonstrate a positive trait. Students who demonstrate these behaviors receive points, and in the event a student demonstrates negative behaviors, points are taken away. Students have access to these points and are given positive feedback for their choices; which helps keep them stay accountable for their actions.


     It opens up lines of communication between parents and teachers because the Class Dojo’s software generates behavior reports that’s shared with parents. Parents can access their child’s portfolio at any time and track their progress. They can also connect with the teacher through the Class Dojo app without having to reveal their contact information.


    Teachers can instantly alert parents when a student’s behavior becomes less than acceptable. However, negative behaviors aren’t the only reason for a message from the teacher. Teachers share photos, videos and announcements for class moments on the Dojo app. This helps parents stay informed with the day to day operations of the class as well as any upcoming event. This app has replaced the need for paper notes being sent home, and is a more effective way to communicate.


    This parent-teacher involvement helps create a positive culture in the classroom and in the school. Other school officials can access Class Dojo and monitor the growth of the students. This is a great resource for principals who are greatly involved with classroom development. It allows them to see which classes are demonstrating positive behaviors. School leaders can use this information to reward classes for demonstrating a positive classroom community.


    This communication platform has changed classroom communication for the better. Parents are more involved in their child’s development and no longer have to wait for the once a semester parent-teacher conference. They are able to communicate directly with their child’s teacher, without lost notes and missed calls. This communication platform is the way of the future.



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