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    LocationSmart completed its comprehensive Beta system in the first part of 2018. Since then, the company began collaborating with different companies in various industries and using generally accessible services in different locations in Canada.

    LocationSmart is equipped to provide smooth application through its platform and customers and partners that have availed their services have since then launched their respective businesses.

    LocationSmart is one of the market leaders when it comes to linking devices through the utilization of international Cloud Location Services. Because of this, it has the ability to offer an extensive cross-carrier medium for context-aware supplication, local application, and hyper-local application development.

    The company spans to indoor and outdoor uses through various networks, devices, carriers, and media. LocationSmart lately announced the expansion of its platform’s services across Canada.

    What is LocationSmart?

    The company is the largest and leading Location As Service company across the globe. It provides an extensive range of services particularly those introduced as part of the company’s latest expansion.

    The wealth of services available includes short message messaging also known as SMS, secure carrier network selection, consent management, and many other geo-contextual associated services.

    Because of the company’s latest expansion, it integrates content-based access to more than 90 percent of mobile subscribers using its patented platform all over the country.

    The company’s SMS services and the Canadian network location are among the services offered to all major wireless carriers and several other sub-brands. With the users’ necessary consent and approval, businesses and organizations can monitor in real-time mobile devices without the necessity of downloading the software or installing the app. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

    LocationSmart’s CEO Mario Proietti shared that the latest strategic move of the company opens the door to a wealth of opportunities to the customers so that they could also offer a wide range of useful and effective services to their respective subscribers located across the country.

    This new set of services, as well as other systems, included in the company’s plan to expand globally, enhances them to improve the quality of its support to customers as it ventures into new territories and forges partnerships with different businesses.

    LocationSmart’s platform provides carrier-quality protection and security that comes with comprehensive privacy settings for the content management capabilities of the users. As a result, customers are able to avail reliable and secure location data, which enables them to find all devices using the platform. This includes feature phones, smartphones, tablets, IoT/MSM, and other devices.

    At the moment, LocationSmart is offering its services to companies listed in Fortune 500 magazine and other business startups by assisting them in running the business. LocationSmart provides the widest and largest global footprint with a comprehensive portfolio of programs that end-users can easily use.

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