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    Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the ex-president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She has carved out her own path in life through her own business savvy and investments and is known for her work as the chairman of UNITEL. Aside from her business dealings, she focuses on philanthropic work by empowering economically impoverished women and by bringing internet to hard-to-reach areas in Angola.

    Dos Santos has faced a lot of discrimination as a businesswoman who works in Africa. She recently commented that most women who work in Africa have faced sexism and discrimination in one way or another during their lives.  Isabel has suffered sexism and discrimination, she also revealed that she gets mistaken as a stay-at-home mom who is married to a rich man when she attends parties. Instead of asking her what she does for a living, most people usually ask her what her husband does to make money.

    Isabel dos Santos has been an inspiration to women in African countries, and she believes that many women can find success in Africa through hard work, persistence, and their abilities. She has suggested that younger women would do well to focus on what they are passionate about and to build the skills needed to succeed in today’s business world. She recently commented that Africa has a rich agriculture industry and that medium-sized animal farms and farms that focus on producing produce are doing well. She has also noticed that the tourism industry in Africa is growing (Wikipedia).

    The successful businesswoman likes to work with charitable organizations or ventures that help society as a whole out. All of the companies she has created have put together a division that focuses on supporting various charities that improve society. Isabel dos Santos has been a part of pushing forward many initiatives that have helped to support children’s hospitals, brought clean water to impoverished communities, and helped to combat disease like malaria. Dos Santos helps young women from all over the world by giving speeches as different institutions and colleges all around the globe. She has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs by offering her support, and she also believes in the power of supporting education.

    More about Isabel´s charity projects at https://www.linkedin.com/in/isabel-dos-santos-a67a65100/?originalSubdomain=za



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