• 22Sep

    livio bisterzo hippeas four square

    Hippeas are a healthy and delicious food made of chickpeas that have been puffed up into larger, more satisfying snacks with seasonings added. They are organic, contain no gluten, are vegan, kosher, and does not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG, a flavor enhancer), or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). An ounce of this snack contains three grams of fiber and four grams of protein. There are more than six different flavors including ‘Pepper Power’ which has its name for the unique pepper and sea salt flavor. Another is ‘Happenin Hickory’ which is a sweet tomato, onion, garlic and barbeque sauce flavor. A few of the others are ‘Maple Haze,’ ‘Vegan White Cheddar,’ ‘Far Out Fajita,’and ‘Sriracha Sunshine.’
    Hippeas also supports Farm Africa, a charity in Sub-Saharan Africa that helps farmers get better at farming to help the environment and make money. The snacks are kosher, which makes the snack available to more people in the world and since they are gluten free, people who have gluten allergies can eat it without the worry. It also does not contain meat, so the snack more than likely will become popular with veggie lovers. This snack has about 100 calories per pack and has a diversity appeal for all of the diverse and complex flavors.
    These snacks are the product of Green Parks Brands, a food innovation company in the health and nutrition category. The CEO of this company is Livio Bisterzo. He is an Italian entrepreneur with three children and a home in Los Angeles. He attended the University of Arts of London and took business and management in fashion. It’s safe to say that Bisterzo wanted to create a good snack that’s also good for you. These snacks (which were launched in April 2016) were aimed toward health conscious individuals. Bisterzo believes that Hippeas will be the next big snack brand worldwide.



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