• 21May

    Based in Portland Oregon, Nitin Khanna helps arrange acquisitions and mergers of companies as the Chief Executive Officer of Mergertech. Before founding Mergertech, he had founded one of the biggest companies in the United States that provided solutions for state governments, Saber Corp. The growth that this company experienced before Nitin Khanna made the decision to sell was recognized multiple times in 2006 and 2007. This high level of growth was able to attract the attention of investors which eventually allowed him to sell the company for significantly more than it had previously been valued at. At 17 years old, he moved to the United States. He earned his education in Portland at Purdue University where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s in Engineering.

    Nitin Khanna has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, philanthropy, and creativity throughout his career which is what has helped him make it in the world of business. During his childhood in India, he spent a lot of time in boarding schools. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and had their values instilled in him from a young age. He has always had an interest in technology and was even working on a Ph.D. in robotics before making the decision to stop his education and start his career. When his brother moved to the United States in 1999, they made the decision to start their own business together which led to the founding of Saber Corp.

    When working with a company, Nitin Khanna works to help them build a strong strategy for their business that allows for growth. He insists that one of the most important things that you can do for a company is to make sure that you have the right people on your team. He is still working with his brother today at Mergertech and the 2 have managed to form a great team. While Nitin Khanna focuses on making sales at the company, his brother is much more operational minded and able to handle those parts of the company. While Nitin Khanna has managed to get better at this part of business, he still enjoys focusing on people and growth.

    Connect with Khanna here https://twitter.com/n_khanna?lang=en

  • 26Oct

    Steve Murray was born on August 2nd 1926 and died on March 12th, 2015 aged 52 years old. He married Tamy Murray and had four children. Steve Murray was a philanthropist and a private equity investor who headed the CCMP Capital as the president and chief executive officer. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private firm, which specializes in the growth and buyout of the equity transactions.

    Steve Murray graduated with a degree in economics from the Boston College in 1984. He earned master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School 5 years later.

    Murray managed to become a member of the credit analyst training program at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He later joined the MH Equity Corporation which was a combination of the Manufacturers Hanover private equity group and its finance unit. However, Manufacturer Hanover was bought by Chemical Bank in 1991 which made Chemical Venture Partners and MH Equity to come together. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with the Chase Manhattan Corporation which made Chemical Venture Partners to be Chase Capital Partners. Murray was made the head of buyout at JP Morgan Partners in 2005.

    Working for CCMP and all the predecessor firms since 1989, Murray left last month in what the firm described as “Health related” issues. During his stay at the firm, CCMP developed into one of the world’s largest private equity firms. However, the group spun out in 2006 with Mr. Steve Murray taking over as the CEO from the group founder Jeff Walker.

    Greg Brenneman, the current CCMP chairman who succeeded Murray as the CEO and President revealed that they were very saddened to learn on their former partner and friends ‘demise. “Deepest condolences, our prayers and thoughts are with his family. Definitely, they used to be his joy and pride” Greg Brenneman said. Steve was considered by many as a deal maker and a terrific investor who spent most of his lifetime working for the private equity. All the CCMP employees are grateful for his contributions. Stephen P. Murray was a role model to most of the young and upcoming business people who were interested in following his footsteps in the private sector.

    Most recently, Murray was in the board of the Inforgroup Inc, Octagon Credit Investors, Stongwood Insurance, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International and Ollie’s Bargain. He also served on the board of other major companies such as Pinnacle Foods, Warner Chilcott, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems and Legacy Hospital Partners. He also supported the Make a Wish Foundation of the Food Bank of Stamford Museum, Metro of New York, Fairfield County and Columbia Business School.

  • 14Oct

    Bearing in mind that he has an excellent track of record in investment industry, running for a period of 27 years, Mr. Bruce Levenson is admirably well spoken. He is a Partner and Co-Founder at United Communication Group. He is also the former co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC previously known as Atlanta Spirit, which owned and managed the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena. The Hawks were in good shape, won an amazing record of 60 games, and were on top of the table in the East, last season though they ranked 17th in attendance. Therefore, they were deemed to lose money in the 2015 season.

    Mr. Levenson of time.com being a terrific investor and business genius might have seen this coming, thus he decided to sell the team. He hired various agencies to oversee the sale of the highly priced team. Goldman Sacks and Inner Circle Sports were convinced they could sell the team at a record $1 billion to Philip Arena. Antony Ressler, The billionaire equity and investment fund manager led a group to win the auction with $730 million bid. However, the billion-target set by Levenson was not met. This was a motivating figure, considering the low returns the team was getting due to reduced attendance.

    Levenson parents were Jewish; he was born in Washington D.C and brought up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts degree after completing his college course at Washington University in St. Louis. Able to balance academics and work, he worked as a Journalist at Washington Star during the day and attended classes at night. He is a talented, versatile and skilled man, attributes that has seen rise from holding junior positions to managerial and supervisory roles to now a President and CEO of a reputable company.

    Levenson has remained loyal to United Communications Group from its infancy as junior company operating under his apartment to now a Mega-company. The company over the years has been able to purchase other small companies in the oil industry and develop databases such as Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). As it stands, UCG is a domestic business company dedicated to availing information on data, news and analysis for mortgage banking, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, technology, transport and other industries. Mr. Levenson organized a team of University qualified and highly trained professionals to develop GasBuddy, a mobile application that helps drivers to locate local low gas prices.

    Levenson has sat in various boards including Board of Directors of TechTarget and served as the director from its founding in 1999 to 2012. He was a board member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association. He is an active philanthropist, and has participated in many humanitarian organizations including Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He support needy undergraduate students to achieve their higher education dream and former president of the Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. He has offers generous donations; he is the U.S. Holocaust Museum founding donor and continues to fund the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program that trains students on tour guiding.

  • 11Sep

    Magic Mike XXL is the second installment in the Magic Mike franchise and was released in 2015. The movie is directed by Gregory Jacobs and includes Channing Tatum as Mike, Adam Rodríguez as Tito, Gabriel Iglesias as Tito, Joe Manganiello as Richie, Matt Bomer as Ken, Amber Heard as Zoe, and Crystal Hunt as Lauren. It is an American based film with a comedy-drama theme. The film has seen overall good ratings from viewers and critics alike, earning Magic Mike XXL almost $200 million in revenue. Just like the first movie, the story focuses on Mike, only it is three years after he had retired from his job as a stripper. He gets back in touch with his old friends from the strip club, the Kings of Tampa, and they decide to go to a Myrtle Beach stipping convention for one last big show.

    There are a handful of bumps along the way. First, Mike must prove his commitment to the rest of the group by participating in an amateur drag queen competition. Second, the Kings of Tampa decide that they need to organize a new routine if they are going to excite the covention goers. Third, Tobias crashes the car they are using while he is under the influence of molly. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the accident. The group is able to pull a few favors from other friends they made in the pass and few ones they bargined with, but in the end they make it to the stripping convention on time. The Kings of Tampa are able to perform their updated routine without a hitch and those watching them at the convention give a standing ovation.

    Though Magic Mike XXL is primarially known for its well-toned male actors, it also has numerous strong female roles. One such role is played by Crystal Hunt who is a veteran of the acting world, but fairly new to the big screen. Hunt was raised in Clearwater, Florida where she was born on February 5th, 1985. When she was a teenager she moved with her family to New York where she began studying the art of acting. Hunt’s first career as an actor was on Guiding Light a beloved CBS show. She remained on the show for four yers. Her talent earned her a handful of Emmy Award nominations and the experience she needed to be recognized. Other than Magic Mike XXL Crystal Hunt has only been in two other feature length movies: Derby Stallion and Sydney White.



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