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    George Soros, the Hungarian-born philanthropist, is facing attacks for the latest Wikileaks. Pamela Gellar, who is a critic for a Pro-Israel right-wing politician has attacked George Soros after the leakage of his emails. In her Twitter account, Pamela has gone ahead to accuse Soros of being a black hand for undermining Israel. While at that, far-right anti-Semites made an accusation over George Soros. In these allegations, Soros is charged with being part of a plan of the Jewish to undermine the white race.

    According to the allegations, George Soros Wikileaks indicate that Soros Foundation is part of Russia’s work. It demonizes George Soros as well as his causes, including marijuana legalization and harm reduction. Other causes demonized by the leaks include transgender rights and prison reform. George is the founder of Open Society Foundations and Drug Policy Alliance in the United States.

    Glenn Beck accusations

    The Fox News reporter Glenn Beck has also made accusations over the investor. Glenn accuses Soros of operating a “shadow government” with an objective of destroying the political system in America on nytimes.com. Glenn was basing the accusations on a rich custom of anti-Semitic attacks. In the 1950s, there were several anti-Semitic trials in the Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe. Stalin was the other colossal monster of the century though he found his way through Marxist dialectic. According to The Nation, all that leads to Glenn Beck who takes to another level of an entertainer. Glenn switches instantly from a self-abasing alcoholic who is recovering to a moralist.

    According to Russian propaganda, the country is the defender of Palestinians against Israel. However, George Soros Wikileaks indicate otherwise. The leaks suggest a “dogwhistle” to the pro-Israel Right and the Neo-Nazis. The latter are blaming Jews for everything while the pro-Israel Right is blaming George for delegitimizing Israel. Some of the leaked George Soros emails make the aspiration deal with racist policies in Israel open.

    Analysis by Neo-Nazis

    Neo-Nazis analyze George Soros conspiracy as a Jewish scheme that aims at flooding Europe with migrants. George is an advocate of refugees since he is a Nazi occupation survivor. As a result of these accusations, right-wing US media is carrying out campaigns against Soros and George Soros conspiracy. Breitbart accused George of being part of the European refugees’ crisis while Glenn Beck thinks George is behind the progressivism. Russian sources also indicate that George is responsible for the electioneering in Europe.

    It is not possible to dissuade conspiracy theorists, especially bigoted theorists. George is a wealthy man who has made several investments in the US. His contributions to countless charitable and progressive reasons and an outspoken critic of Israel policy should give people good reasons not to hate on Soros. George spent his teenage years in hiding during the World War II in Hungary. If Soros can rise to such conditions and still give back generously and provoke Glenn Beck, Neo-Nazis, Vladimir Putin and pro-Israel Right, it ought to give people a reason for optimism.

    Learn more about George Soros: http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/



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