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    Billy McFadden’s new business, Magnises, located in New York City has already flown off the charts. Founded in 2013, when McFarland was only 23 years of age, the business which helps millennials to receive very attractive discounts at many of their favorite restaurants, clubs, and bars, has gone over the top in memberships.

    Billy McFarland wanted a way for millennials to connect, whether they be new in the city or old hands which are already established. The magic is in the relationships that people form, and the result is a synergy of ideas and new directions. Millennials love to gather together, swap stories, and exchange business contacts. What better way is there than to get discounts and perks for the effort?

    For only a $250 annual membership, members are issued the Black Card which is used to pay for services and apply the discounts at the same time. The member copies his credit card data onto the black card, making it easier to transact business.

    The fact that the idea has taken off goes without saying because, at the end of 2015, Magnises already had over 10,000 members and counting. Having a Black Card is just the thing, as members aggressively convince everyone in their circle that membership is a must if the right people are to be met and introduced.

    McFarland has had earlier successes with new business start-ups. His very first business was begun at age 13 where he found customers for a local businessman in his hometown. As a college freshman at Bucknell University, he founded Spling which is still active and Billy McFarland is the CEO. Spling recreates the URL of the company and makes it into a graphic design. Then it is used in the marketing process to enhance the company brand.

    Magnises is the crowning feat and the latest venture, and what a success it has been thus far. Plans to expand are very real and very near to being a fact, as McFarland has designs of taking Magnises nationally and internationally. The business model is in place and is working very nicely. Magnises and his team are very confident that mighty big things are in store, and many agree that this will be the case.

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