• 11Mar


    The Internet is a great place for the business man or woman that wants to reach a lot of different crowds. There are some limitations, however, that come with having your core base online, especially if you are leading a clothing store. In general, people that are shopping for clothes are going to want to try clothes on. This is just the nature of the world that shoppers live in. Shopping online is convenient, but it can become quite inconvenient to order something that doesn’t fit only to return it and wait for the arrival of a new shipment. Fabletics founders Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson are aware of this, and they are doing something about it.

    The Fabletics brand has been able to thrive for a while through the Internet. The web has definitely helped the company emerge as one of the new fitness garment leaders, but this is just a touch of what Fabletics has in store. The company is taking a huge step forward as 100 stores come to a city near you. The ground work is being laid right now as the company leaders dissect the demographics.

    That is going to be the real charm behind what this organization is able to do with new stores. There are some people that are going to see this organization for the first time and wonder what the store is about. Other people are going to see these stores, and instantly recognize the Kate Hudson brand that they are already fans of. The stores provide a landscape for two different people – those that are familiar and those that are not.

    It will also target those that are working out already and those that may be considering exercising for the first time. The great thing about the store is that it will appeal to both men and women that are in need of workout gear. The store will also present new opportunities for people to hear about the Fabletics subscription plan. All of this makes it incredibly easy for this organization to reach a wider range of people

    There is certainly a target market in place, but the number of items that are sold in the stores makes it easier for the brand to expand to a larger consumer base. That is what can happen when the brand is promoted to both men and women. The location of more physical stores will also help Fabletics build up a better relationship with those consumers that are buying things at the last minute. There are going to be those shoppers that cannot wait for an online order to arrive. The brick-and-mortar stores will cater to that impatient consumer base.



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