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    Livio's New Hippeas Organic SnackLivio Bisterzo and his team at Green Park Brands set out to create a snack that would be better for the consumer. They went further than the boundaries they had earlier set. This gave birth to their new product, Hippeas, which is unrefined chickpea puffs, which are gluten-free, vegan, 100 calories in every pack, kosher, great source of fiber and with 3 grams of protein. Bisterzo explains that the company went the extra mile in bringing a snack that delivers on taste and also meets the needs of a socially and health-conscious millennials. Hippeas is the latest entrant into the Starbucks assortment products of grab-and-go snacks. It is available in two varieties – Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita – which are available in over 7,500 Starbucks locations spread all over the U.S.

    Company Spotlight: Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

    Bisterzo has experience in the health food industry, having been in it for the last seven years. In May 2015, Bisterzo teamed up with a company that deals in food innovation to come up with Hippeas. Together, they did several consumer testing and product development that finally gave birth to the new finished product. They started with the chick pea as the major ingredient and worked extremely hard in order to get the right texture, bite, taste and shape. They aimed at creating a product that did not go away from what customers expected and would be proud to pick from the shelves themselves.

    About Livio

    Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. He is of Italian descent and married with three children. He moved to the UK in 1999 when he was 18 years old to study at the London University of the Arts. He started out his entrepreneurial venture back in 2003 by forming an events business. He then increased his business collection ranging from client products and hospitality, and other lifestyle-based businesses.

    Bisterzo moved to Los Angeles in 2016 with his family. Last year, he founded the Green Park Holdings, a food innovation company that targeted the rapid growing nutrition and health sector through its innovative multichannel drinks and food brands. The company seeks to offer snacks that have a natural proposition, thereby creating a lasting impact socially and prompting cultural and behavioral change. HIPPEAS believes in offering a snack that will both taste good and also do well to its customers. For each pack of HIPPEAS sold, some money will assist in improving the lives of the Eastern African farmers.

    Learn more about how Hippeas benefit chickpea farmers in Africa



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