• 03Apr

    The Chainsmokers consists of DJs Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. In the interview, the duo discuss their rise to fame, how they met, and more importantly how they want to push the boundaries of what an EDM artist can do to create an unique identity. The interview was released right after “Closer” was released. This song is different than their other hits such as “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, because it features Taggart singing.

    This is something that is not common in EDM music, but shows how the Chainsmokers have become an unique act in a field that lacks diversity.

    Alex Pall explains that the met in New York, when a friend explained that the two would likely get along. Taggart went to Syracuse and came from NY City to meet Pall.

    Both had gotten into DJing because of its growing popularity, and the access to the scene that it provided. After meeting, the two connected, and decided to begin working on music together by the next day. After tirelessly playing in bars and music scenes throughout the city, the two began to gain national, and then worldwide recognition with their hit selfie. Pall says that the problem however, was that the two wanted to create an identity and blur the lines between multiple genres. Their first hit, #selfie, was not anything unique, and either was their next two hits “Roses”, and “Don’t Let Me Down.” Both songs were hits, but did not stand out, or express the identity of the two as anything out of the ordinary.

    The two wrote “Closer” along with the singer Halsey, with the idea to not only help write the lyrics but for Taggart to sing in it as well. Closer was about Taggart’s reflection of society, and his college years. He was from Maine, and went to a school with wealthy, superficial girls. He wanted to tell his story and express his voice through this song. This song would go on to be a large hit, and in many ways the chainsmokers


  • 30Mar

    Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are a production duo, called The Chainsmokers. They have been climbing their way to the top very quickly. With their number one song “Closer”, reaching the top of the billboard chart for 12 weeks and multiple other songs also reaching for the stars. The Chainsmokers have broken many records and now they have a message for the people in their generation, including the younger ones who feel that their social media platforms are the most important things, with their new single “Sick boy”.

    The Chainsmokers reflect their frustration involving today’s society that gives social media complete importance above all other things. This generation engorges themselves in multiple social outlets, they even try to create jobs with them. Their music is relatable and mirrors how they feel. “Sick Boy” is a little darker than their usual musical tones, but as Taggart said in a Forbs interview, “I think that’s the tone of society right now.”

    “How many likes is my life worth?”

    The Chainsmokers are addressing the implications that social media has on us. They express to us, through their song, how much we feel the need to be liked by others and how many likes we need to feel a sense of acceptance. Unfortunately, we place ourselves in that situation, only to find out the feeling is not liberating. Their message is strong and could ultimately be a big risk for their career, but they are ready to accept the judgment that they may receive. Regardless, The Chainsmokers are voicing their opinions through their music, and they are grateful to see their single is receiving so much love and support from their fans. The song has already reached the top 100 on the US Billboard and at the top of radio lists in multiple countries all over the world.


  • 16Sep

    Norka Luque: the new air of positivism that motivates every human being to pursue their passion. It is history, full of motivation and inspiration, where the word “impossible” never exists. This dreamy sweet Venezuelan artist discovered her passion for music at a very tender age. However, she always had a clear goal in music to bring a hopeful and positive message to the masses.

    From a humble family dedicated to supporting her at all costs, she began her training in music at the age of three. She took ballet, piano, and flamenco lessons while getting a formal education.

    Norka went to France to pursue a career in Business Administration, won fashion marketing and culinary arts. There you get the opportunity to be part of the band. This opportunity made her remain connected to his ultimate dreams. It was four years ago that he met the renowned music producer Emilio Stefan. He noticed her and decided to hold her hand in the music career. He gave her the opportunity to realize her long-awaited dream in the singing profession. This was a rare opportunity that numerous artists never get the chance to have. It made her feel extremely lucky and blessed to work with Emilio Estefan in her project. She believes that her meeting with Emilio was a miracle, a school of life. Every day she works with Emilio she keeps learning new, different things that shape her for the brighter future in music. Emilio’s conviction and faith that she will achieve a better world helped overcome the deepest personal crisis and understand that life itself is a miracle.

    The team of producers chaired by Emilio Estefan composed by Archie Pena, the Gaitan brothers, Luigi Giraldo among others, worked on the song “Miracle,” which Norka is promoting currently with El Cata and that it is a success in the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, debuting as a favorite on the Billboard Latin music list. This is a mix of reggae, Caribbean sounds, Mediterranean touches, that are mixed with a beautiful message of a miracle is now a recipe for prominence.

    Norka says that it is the sole responsibility of an artist to bring the message to their fans. This is because the lyrics in the song carry them to the deepest part of their emotions. The evolution of society and music go hand in hand. Born new genres and rhythms, but the essence of the message to be never relayed changes.



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